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Hey guys and gals, i thought i would suggest http://playensemble.com to you, its reasonably early open beta, it includes Gathering resources, Building, PVE, PVP (manually rewarded) questing AMAZING community, frequent live streams (multiple per average week) showcasing game creating, brainstorms with Devs and the creation of their comic.
Map size is 400 million x 400 million (or maybe it was billion).
Each player currently has 3 levels Hero, Gathering, and Building all of which can be built in different ways depending on your play style.

Exploration plays a large role in this game and more features are planned for both near and distant future updates, some planned features include territory/land control, pets and mounts, more explore-able areas, and recruit able units for multiple purposes including base defense while you are offline, will be a perfect game for guild.

I love this game and the Devs [Edit: Ian Megan and Jesse] and hope some of you will too.
~ Leafshade

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welcome aboard @LeafShade! :smile:

after a cursory 20 second viewing, the game looks “fun”… :+1:

will definitely give it a go this evening …


Thank you heaps Steve, its a great game (for the right people at least) and it just needs some help getting off its feet, any feedback you have please post to the forums (bugs or suggestions) or anyone can just post it here and i will relay the suggestions and or bugs to the Devs.

If you suggest a friend and they make 10 forum posts you can get 100 royal (real money currency) which i don’t really care about to be honest i just want more friends and players but if you want to i suggest it.

Also the “royal” shop is not a “pay to win” type thing anything in the in-game shop will have something equal or better in game earn-able.

Interesting, think I’ll check it out

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Holy Cow…so many Letters… just to label one game…
anyways, sounds cool


Seems pretty legit so far, doing a good job of combining the different game elements together. :slight_smile:

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I gave it a try, it seems way too grindy for me though with the resource collection. Unless I was interpreting something really, really wrong then the new players guide I looked at seemed to be saying that the first step was to spend several hours gathering resources and after that you could go do other stuff. I’m sure it could be good, that’s just a bit much for me.

Also it’s 1.6 billion tiles which is 40000x40000 not 400000000x400000000 which would be 160 quadrillion tiles.

Trying to join the game but it seems like the account creation doohickey is a bit slow. Didn’t get any activation email (not sure if I’m meant to get one) and I can’t seem to login.

Will report with more information as the story develops.

This has been Rarnd, here at Mordekaiser News.

Back to you, LeafShade

Live update! It appears that the wolf walking along the loading screen has, in fact, not yet stopped walking. You heard it here first, the wolf on the loading bar continues to walk in place, with no signs of stopping nor making any progress. What will happen next? Stay tuned.

This is Rarnd with Mordekaiser News, signing out.

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Simply out of curiosity, how did you stumble across Stonehearth? Your account seems devoted to promoting this game, as that is its only activity.

Of course that isn’t a bad thing; we feed off of new games (we have about 10 or 15 threads for various new games or KS campaigns if not more) so I’m fine if that’s what you’re here to do. It just makes me wonder if you have some kind of importance amongst the Dev team? Or are you just an excited fan? :smile:

And may well check the game out myself, sounds fun :smile:

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This game looks pretty cool, will give it a go

It seems there has been problems for quite a few people logging in. Refreshing once or twice worked for me… But honestly I wouldn’t expect anything less from a beta build. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… perhaps i was just a little sleepy/cranky last night, but it didnt really work too well for me… seemed a little … confusing? at the start…

maybe i’ll give it another go…

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It was definitely a bit laggy last night…

Resources would only take ages to get if you were trying to get them from the 2 nodes at spawn.
I have been past 200000 in both directions so you must be mistaken.(the 400milliion or billion is word of mouth from the devs)
I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it, and hope you might give it a second chance at a later date.

Also to clear things up the new players guide is outdated.
Resource gathering is now less grind and faster.

I Kickstarted Stonehearth very early :slight_smile:
I have no real importance to the Dev team.

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Rarnd, as of yet there are no activation emails and the first load sometimes needs to be refreshed… this is due to a recent patch that made the game slightly more stable in more browsers.

If it still does not log in after 1 or 2 refreshes the server may have crahed (quite rare now) or been in a minor update.

@LeafShade just a heads up, you can edit your last post by clicking the pencil at the bottom of the respective post.

You can also mention people by typing @ followed by their name.

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@Dash So THATS how you do that @Dash


Geoffers thanks and sorry, didnt realise i could mention/reply to multiple at once.
Wont happen again and thanks.

its all good amigo… :smiley:

another pro tip: if you have made the last post in a given thread, and go back and edit your comments, it will effectively “bump” the thread to the surface… just a helpful way to surface content, without having to made additional posts… :+1: