Albion Online: a sandbox game

so i was looking for upcoming free sandbox mmo and i came across this:Albion Online

basically it is a GvG 5v5 territory war game with player housing and crafting(a true sandbox by my opinion) so if you like LoL and dont want to wait for games to load or want to craft until you are master of crafting or making a mansion for yourself you can do that with the classless character you will have. play it on the go with Android or IOS or play it on any desktop or laptop. but it is in Alpha right now.

if any more info you need go to


Albion does look awesome, I signed up a while ago for an alpha key test and no luck yet.

I see you posted here on this forum to get a key from a promotion the Albion people are running :stuck_out_tongue:

So… boo for making me remember a cool looking game I can’t play, but good luck on the key.

It looks pretty awesome, I’m signing up!

um… sorry about reminding you. but this teat you may have luck to get a key as well