The Search for the Unknown

This may sound weird, but have you ever had a craving for a certain game? Like you have the idea of a game you would love to play and search aimlessly trying to find a game that fits these needs. After hours of searching and playing games you never stumble across that game and always have that empty feeling? I do.

Recently for the past three to four months I have been searching for a game that fits my needs. I want to find an MMO that I can implement myself. What I mean by that is try to implement my looks, attitude, and other features into a game. More importantly I am searching for a sandbox MMO and just can’t find it, I mean I have some ideas like Archeage but that’s in beta and is hard to get ahold of. Like if I could be a necromancer elf that is a cook, that would be awesome. If you have any ideas of games please post below.

What unknown game are you searching for? Have you found your game? Share your stories of finding your game, or not finding it. =)


What caused this want/need is the anime Sword Art Online. If you’re into anime I recommend giving it a watch.


Yeah, I’ve had that feeling. At times I end up finding what I’m looking for, at least something similar, but most of the times I end up with that empty feeling you are talking about.

Yeah, I get that feeling sometimes - “I want to play X, but if only they’d made it better (for my values of better)!”. Especially when looking at older games. Suffice to say that I’m looking forwards to Stonehearth & Clockwork Empires (instead of Dwarf Fortress), M.O.R.E. (another Kickstarter game) instead of Master of Orion 2, and, hmm… can’t think of any big RPG games, because I need something to wash away the aftertaste of the ME3 ending :stuck_out_tongue: .

Have had the same feeling, yes. Me, I want to play a game that is really more like a simulation, a zero-player game if you will, although player interactions are thinkable. It would be an ecosystem simulator that is actually accurate, intricate, and complex like real ecosystems are. With AI that is more than just eat, sleep, mate, fight or flight, same for all species but with different parameter values.

As for the game you’re describing, @Feashrind, I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anything like that. I’m not that familiar with the MMO scene. Well, I’ve played a couple such games, but not too much. However, the basics of what you describe could probably be done even within World of Warcraft—you can be a Night Elf Death Knight or a Blood Elf Warlock with the cooking skill. Looks can already be changed in that game, and attitude and other features could probably be exhibited if you play on an RP server. It’s probably not as specific as you’re looking for, but maybe it’ll yet be a source of inspiration. Regardless, good luck with your search.

Just add third person exploration and combat to SH, and you have got it.

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I had the same feeling when I was looking for a realistic medieval rpg. Then I saw this game on Kickstarter called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. And that seemed to fit perfectly. now to wait.
Also has anyone been playing a flash game and thought “I wish a full game had these mechanics, or expanded these mechanics”? Because there was a game I used to play (found it - Berzerk Land | Berzerk Land ) And I loved the fact that I could make my own army to send against other armies, but could never find other games like it.

Holy cow, I’m very impressed with this game. The only sad thing is I wish there was a fantasy aspect to this game.

Back to the topic:

I would like to suggest an oldie, one from my vault called Command and Conquer 3. It was my all time favourite and I think it has what you’re looking for. Also try Lord of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II. Those two games are bound to give you something of what you’re looking for. I hope I helped. =)

Sadly I have played those through and through multiply times. :smile: I agree and I really liked them, but they stopped the LoTR:BFME2 servers last time I played. Know any others? (though I might just go back and play them both another time…)

I believe you can host a private server, not sure but if I find a way would you be interested in playing?

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Just going to chip in here regarding LoTR:BFME2.

Yes, the official servers are down, but I use a program called Gameranger to play online multiplayer. There are a ton of people who use it, and it is very easy to find a server. Plus, it is free! You can get the paid version, but the free one works great.

And to boot, there are a whooping 721 games that this program supports! Including AoE and AoE II! And that has a large base of players as well.

Hope this helps!

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Two personal favourites of mine that fall in to the sandbox MMO genre are:

Albion Online (Medieval Fantasy Sandbox Genre)

Star Citizen (Sci Fi Pew Pew Sandbox Genre)

In the meanwhile I entertain myself with a bit of Wildstar, which is so massive, it could almost be considered a sandbox experience!

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If I can find it! (soooon)

The game I am going to make is the game that I want! (Just have to figure out what coding language to do it with first.)


Albion looks like a real good sandbox since everthing is player made. i 2 am looking for the sandbox mmo right now on my to play for sandbox is Albion and Imagine Nations. while i wait i play happy wars on pc

I totally forgot the name of this game for so long, thank you!

If anyone is interested in giving Albion Online a shot, I would be grateful if you could use my referral link:

They released their founders packs today granting access to the upcoming Alphas and Betas, as well as updating their site

Thank you! :smiley:


ok, should I be openly mocked for not having heard of the beautiful looking game before?

thanks @Froggy! :smile:

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

Consider yourself mocked.



equaling they had to get rid of the free to play always aspect of the game :frowning: