Many other games

Hey guys!

I’m not sure if this is allowed here, if it isn’t, im sorry in advance and i do not mean to offend someone with it.

But i just started to learn video editing, and i have like a week long experience with it.
So far i have created 2 youtube videos, one For Honor video and one League of Legends video, with the League of Legends video being my most edited video so far.

My youtube channel will be a multigaming channel, this means that i play whatever i feel like is a fun game and which can get me some quality content. So far the games i will be recording are: For Honor (mostly), League of Legends, Blackwake, Rocket League, Dauntless (when i get my invitation for the closed alpha/beta).

Many other games will follow, so my question is, do you guys have any suggestions on games i can record and play with friends?
And does someone know a discord group or curse group with a lot of people in it to promote my youtube channel?

If you would like to join me in my recording sessions and just have some fun in those games with a stranger, feel free to contact me!


EDIT: forgot to add my link to this post.

When i have 100 subs i can finally change the ZommbEEHHH part to wiebiebie!
So if you want to, leave a like on my videos or sub ^-^

Kind of weird that this post has nothing to do with Stonehearth.

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I highly recommend you to play this fun game called Stonehearth :wink:: I myself am missing gameplay of it.
Thx for reading :smile:

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Well, since it is the Other Games section i thought i wouldnt have to mention Stonehearth, since i will not be making Stonehearth videos for my youtube channel because i will only record and edit multiplayer games which i can play with friends. Stonehearth videos might come in the future but for the next few months im first going to focus on multiplayer games.

I hope you understand how i think about it, if not i will try to explain it further ^-^

have a nice day!

Well this game will have multiplayer in the future officially lol. So if you’re doing strictly speaking multiplayer games you SHOULD be looking at stonehearth as a highly potential series to play through for your channel

When the multiplayer is fully released, there is no doubt that there will also be Stonehearth videos, because i really love the game, but just for now i will be focussing on other games.

I’m getting this feeling that the amount of people offering let’s plays is starting to exceed the amount of people actually watching nowadays, but don’t let me discourage you. If you’ve got quality content you should give it a try. trots off mumbling about the past


It’s true, It’s very hard to get between the more populair let’s players. That’s why you should really get creative and be different than others so people will watch your content because you are unique!

It’s not that easy as it seems. Even if your let’s plays are very good. (trust me) #zwoel