What Is Your Favorite Youtube Channel?

Wow, it’s been a long time since I made a topic ever since I posted that forum game.

Everyone here must know about Youtube. If you do, you probably have a favorite Youtube channel.

So my question is, what is you favorite Youtube channel?

My favorite Youtube channel is probably this guy:

You may have heard of him if you’re interested in video games, especially retro games.

The real guy. The best guy.


nerdcubed is all sorts of hilarious awesomeness… but not always suitable for the youths …

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Hey guys! subscribe to my friend supremo! he has 20k subs and he will do a lp of stonehearth! :1234:

seems fitting to merge this here… :+1:

My favortte channel is mine Don't Starve: Secrets Revealed (All's Well That Maxwell) Final Puzzle?. Outside of my channel I like HuskyStarcraft, Jesse Cox, wowcrendor, presshearttocontinue and many others.

Shameless self-promotion.

I like it!

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Even though Nerdcubed isn’t my favorite Youtuber, he is still hilarious.

If I don’t do it who will.

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I heard there are a few people around the place who will do your bidding for the small price of your soul.

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Ahahahaah, I soul my soul years ago. How do think I got on YouTube.

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To be super brief:

  • Yogscast are good
  • Team Craft are awesome (I’m including people like SethBling in this even though he’s not a part of it, cause they’re all sort of part of the same web)
  • Broloth for Hearthstone
  • Dookieshed for Pokémon
  • Game Theorists I enjoy Game Theory
  • Yuttho for Sim City
  • Jonah Wei-Haas for some fantastic piano covers of electro-y songs, such as Flight or Razor Sharp

Favourite has no meaning to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yogscast and Game Theorists are awesome.

My absolute favorite is anangrysockpuppet for his Team Service Annoucement videos.

There’s also the below:

Scott Manley

the cynical brit hes fun to listen to in my opinion even if hes wrong.

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Tobuscus- YouTube

Geek and Sundry- YouTube i mainly like two of the channels here, Tabletop and Spell slingers

I also like Total Biscuit (Cynical Brit)

Voxel Pirate’s channel seems to be growing… I’ve been following him around for SH content. So far my favorite Stonehearth You-tuber.

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…Not because it’s my channel with some friends or anything…
(Shameless promo.)

It’s early in its life, but we have plans. Especially when stonehearth implements multiplayer!

Nice, I’m liking the GW2 Lets Play…

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