What are your favorite StoneHearth LPs

So before I ever bought SH I watched some let’s play vids. There’s quite a few LPs I check out now and again for inspiration on my own towns. I think the two people i watch the most are The Innkeeper and B4nto.



The Innkeeper especially because his building designs can be quite good, and he does huge builds for Timber & Stone as well.

Youtube can be a slog to get through, sifting through some pretty terrible players to find the great ones. How about you guys? Any good LPs you’d recommend?


I have a LP, that i need feedback on…
I may be a terrible player or a good one, but i have no idea!
So could you give me a good idea of where i am on the list?
Be honest. :slight_smile: Even if you think its crap. :smiley:

this is my latest episode…

Honestly i think its nothing compared to the LP’s you mentioned.