What computer should i get

im wondering what computer i should get pc and it needs to be a desktop right now I’ve got 431 pounds ill soon get a bit more but not that much and if its a little bit of money and i can go a bit per budget I’ve got mine craft rome 2 and i want stone hearth but then i need £30 left

are you looking for a package deal, a pre-built custom, or a self built custom? that will affect price

dont get a Dell and HP. Dells and HPs are one loaded with crapware and two you’re paying far too mutch for the brand. only thing good about em is the warranties.

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package deal I’m not really a geek on computers

Neither am I (I think) My house mate helped me build my new system this year. But its not too difficult to obtain a good custom pc and have it assembled and delivered to you.

When i was researching my system i found many websites offering various packages or semi-custom builds. Even just glancing at these, you notice price patterns and usually an I5 or an I7 is the popular build.

I’m only familiar with Australian websites for the purchase good systems from reputable dealers alas. Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction.

The best way is find some systems your interested in and post links and hopefully the more savvy among us can offer some feedback as to price vs performance.

Edit: depending on the price of parts where you live it could be interesting getting a system for 431. (i checked how much that would be in aus $ so i could better understand your budget.) You should be able to get a reasonable computer that will handle what you want it for.

After having a quick look round I found this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ULTRA-FAST-Quad-Core-8GB-1TB-Desktop-Gaming-PC-Computer-AMD-HD-/191025096255?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item2c79fba63f

Its pretty far under your budget but this is without the addition of an operating system or keyboard and mouse if you need those you can add them as extras. The graphics card isn’t high end but will definitely be enough for the games you mentioned and with the money you have saved you could buy a better graphics card and install it yourself which is very easy.

this is a good pc for the price IMHO…
the thing is upgradeability… in the future… that 500w power supply might be the bottleneck… the Ram and the CPU (processor) look good!

thats a really good find their M even though its only a computer no monitor monitors can be found cheap also i’ve found logitech mouse and keys that are £12

Spare no Expense when buying computers! Always Max out the Budget! And when you Think the Budget is high enough, Bump it up!
Also, pay attention to stats, I bought a cyberpower tower, which I still need to figure out how to use…

ive bought two machines from cyberpower (or ibuypower, i think they are sister shops)… both very nicely built… in fact, im likely getting my third from there as well (soon)…

I would suggest a custom made desktop PC. You could actually make a gaming/multimedia beast with the best processors, graphics cards, video cards, etc with amazing software, for less than a few hundred dollars.

But if you want a regular pre-built desktop, I would prefer a PC manufacturer that has a great reputation, like Lenovo and Asus. Lenovo and Asus have the best quality for the best price. Do not get anything from Dell, HP, or Acer. Their computers have awful quality and have a lot of crapware on them. Also, never, ever put a Mac into consideration. @LordNevs over here will tell you all about the sheer awfulness of a Mac.


hey i’ve had macs for my whole life now i want the great community to help me find a great monitor because @The_M is great at finding computers i just needed my freinds reassurance

This link will give you all the info you need to get a pc. There are websites that build a PC and deliver it to your home for you so you can do that if you’re unsure about building one yourself.

Never get a custom built from a retailer because the motherboard is locked, in most cases the power supply is utter garbage(thats the most important part of your pc) and the price is unjustified(they need to make a profit on your purchase after all)

Trust me, I’m an engineer. :smiley:

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I would agree, this website looks good to me

wow, excellent link… thanks! it seems i have expensive tastes, as all the builds i have put together online seem to match the $1,600 category… :sweat_smile:

Believe me, my taste goes even higher and I can’t afford even half of it and ever since I turned 18 my dad stopped helping out :smiley:
I have enough for the Oculus Rift though, that makes me believe that the future is bright!

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Like most people suggested building one yourself will increase the price-performance ratio quite a bit. Building one isn’t that hard, try watching some videos on YouTube to find out! :wink:

I built my last 2 computers myself, can’t wait to start working on my next one…

Even though this one has crazy specs ._.

With a budget that low, you build it. If you are interested then let me know and I will help you out.

Perks of building a PC:
-It’s easy
-It’s cheaper
-More bang for the buck
-You learn a thing or two about computers
-It can be fun depending on what type of person you are
-It’s YOUR computer, 100%
-You can customize it to make it work better for you


You will not get a good gaming PC from a company that is prebuilt for that much money. I have searched far and wide and have found no such thing. The most that you could buy a package PC for that actually gets the job done for that much cash would be roughly 800-1000+ USD.


That is most likely a scam. The Radeon HD 8000 series has not been released to the public yet if I am not mistaken.

@LordNevs evs I should point out that this isn’t a Radeon Hd series graphics card which yes I don’t believe are out yet, as I said this isn’t a high end graphics card what I really should have said is actually this isn’t really a graphics “card” at all its a chip which works alongside the processor to render graphics using the RAM as graphics memory. This is why I suggested he buy this and use the money saved to buy and install a graphics card which would give him better performance, though a believe with this chip he should still be able to get above 30fps in Rome 2 on medium settings which is the most demanding game he mentioned.

At a closer look, I want to hate it but I can’t. The dude is only making a 20-50 dollar profit on the thing. Use the leftover cash to buy a graphics card, if you want suggestions, let me know. Just know that that processor does worse than an i3, and the Radeon 8000D doesn’t have much to show for. That and, you are spending $116 on a fancier case. If you build it, you can get a colder, larger, and sleeker case for half the price. Building it is still a much better option, but if you really can’t bring yourself to plug a few cables into their sockets, and screw a few screws in. Then this is a decent deal.