The Stonehearth PC Building Workshop (Formally "Is this a Good PC for Stonehearth")

Hello All, and Welcome to the Stonehearth PC Building Workshop. Here you can find out everything you need to know from our PC Building and Spec Experts. You can leave ideas for modding tech. Get some advice on purchases, and unleash your true geekiness in an all out debate between AMD, Intel, & Nvidia. :smile: Enjoy!

(Old Question: Resolved)
Ok, so recently I decided that I was gonna buy a new PC before the Stonehearth Pre-Release was unleashed to the greedily impatient fans. My price range was 500-800 (USD). I found this Dell Laptop, and I wanted to know whether or not It would be able to run Stonehearth (I wasn’t able to run the Graphics Test on my current PC). If you guys feel this is not a good choice and/or you know a better PC in my price range - please don’t hesitate to link me. I’ll mainly be playing Stonehearth and other Voxel based games - so nothing too intense.

I’m not quite sure, my personal experience with Dell is very negative.

That looks like plenty. I’m not so sure about the Dell part, but the specs and stuff under the hood, so to speak, looks like it should be enough, especially considering the fact that there are people here with far worse PCs, from my understanding.

we dont know any specifics yet, but according to Radiant:

What are the minimum system requirements for the game?
We want the game to run on as many systems as possible, including older ones, but it’s just too early to give solid numbers at this time. It really depends on how the game functions when we’re done building it and optimizing the heck out of it.

the specs on the laptop all look good, with the only concern being the graphics card, which was:

a relatively fast middle-class graphics card for laptops

back in 2011…

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It seems like a good machine for your budget. I have an XPS 17 myself (actually, my daugher has it now, but I used it intensively for over a year). I can recommend the XPS series.

The hardware specs seem OK. For your neds you’ll have enough RAM and a proper CPU. I don’t have any experience with the GT 630 GPU, but the GT 555 in my XPS 17 (which is older) performs great, so it should be fine for your needs.

If you can afford it, I’d reccomend some sort of extended warranty. I don’t have many Dell machines fail on me (I use them personally and a lot at customer sites), but when they fail they usually fix the problems perfectly.

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Thanks for the feedback, but can you go in detail of you problems with Dell?, I just want to know what I might have to go through if I get this PC.

I just really hope the game is more CPU intensive.

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Mine had issues everywhere I looked, mostly the time it took to fry. I had a Dell Laptop and it died in 3 weeks

:sweat: Okay…hopefully…Dell…worked on their build quality…over a 1.5 year…time span…maybe…?

What model did you have?

I have had one Dell laptop that was really bad, but they replaced it for new under warranty. I’ve also had a lof of Dell laptops that worked fine.

I’m not a Dell fanboy, or affiliated to Dell. Personally I have just had good experience with them. Ask around on any forum for any brand and you’ll find horror stories and succes stories. I guess this is just how hardware is.

Here is more info on the GT 630M by the way

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I’d say go for it, my friend is going to be buying a, what seems to be, a very good Dell laptop too.

I don’t remember which one I had, but the fact that it only took 3 weeks to bust detoured me from Dell.

My XPS 17 has been going strong ever since I got it in (I believe 2011). I have been working it hard as a development machine and handed it down to my daugher because I needed something faster, not because it wore out.

The one I had before that went to my father for the same reason.

Too bad you had such a bad experience. That’s never fun!

Just to echo @SteveAdamo we have no idea what the minimum requirements are - having said that I would say yes you’ll be fine - better specs than my laptop which runs it pretty well.

The team have always stated that they want the game to run on as many machines as possible (within reason) so I wouldn’t worry too much.

All in all, I don’t think there’s much all left to say, you want me to lock the thread or keep it open for a little bit longer?


It’s all up to you Grandmaster Geoffers!

If you want I can try and run the Graphics test on the XPS 17 which has a similar GPU. I can give you FPS values for the XPS 17, my newer Alienware M17xR4 with a faster GPU and my desktop with an ancient GPU.

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That would be splended!

I’ll leave it open so @mderond can run the test for you and update you on the results :smile:


OK, I’ll give it a shot tonight, so you don’t have to keep the thread open for too long.

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Don’t feel time pressured!

Get to it when you can, the thread can remain open for the time being, it’s not hurting anyone :slight_smile: