Thanks everyone!

Im not getting helped with my question if you want to see it its on the Category: Gameplay Question: Is Stonehearth slow on my laptop?

Please don’t spam the discourse with threads… This is a community website and not all people are active all the time, and not all people are capable of answering questions about sertain things, so you won’t get instant replies all the time. (Like i’m not comfortable answering questions regaring hardware)

Please do be patient and wait for people to be active(this isn’t the most active time as far as i know)

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Same thing here. I’m not really comfortable with discussing hardware. However, judging from your specs, I may assume it’s not the best, and there’s probably not enough RAM (4 GB is not much for a 64-bit Win OS). Mind you, it’s only an assumption. I wouldn’t expect much from a netbook level PC.
I’m playing the game on 8GB desktop with 4-core 3GHz CPU (64-bit Win7 OS). It’s several years old but SH generally runs fine.

Perhaps @jomaxro can know more about who can answer you better. Other then that, I would really not recommend making more topics. Maybe this one should be merged with the first.

Also, perhaps “support” category would suit you better.

Hey there @Milan, welcome to the Discourse! As @Hyrule_Symbol mentioned, this is a community forum. Most people here (99%) are community members just like you. There are 5 moderators, who are all volunteers from the community, plus the devs.

Your original post was made during the weekend when most of the devs are offline, so there was not a good chance of them responding. Personally, I’ve been mostly offline as I’m busy with finals at the end of my semester.

Looking back at your previous post, I would agree with the comments there that your PC is likely underpowered for Stonehearth at this point. Your processor is on the slower side, and you only have integrated graphics. I would suggest holding off on purchasing Stonehearth until you upgrade your computer.

Yeah i think i can buy it, because Minecraft And Sims 4 are MUCH BIGGER GAMES so thats so WEIRD so if i do al the graphics and things off i think that my pc can handle it. this pc is faster then you think. And im NOT gonna buy a new pc if you wanna say that because i have this pc NOT for long and i dont think you have readed the good one because i have sended something other and the guy that helped me say that im ready now to play the game BUT that the graphic and thing i should do off! Im so confused now the other guy says YES and the other NO. But this pc is so FAST for me so yeah, i think you now why i am confused!

@Milan, every game is different. Minecraft isn’t a good comparison, although the art style is similar, the gameplay is completely different. You directly control your character in game, and there is limited AI happening (mostly just enemies). As for Sims 4, that is a completed game, that has gone through final optimization already. Additionally, please know that I was not suggesting that you buy a new PC, simply that based on your PC specs, and the advertised minimum requirements for the game I would not recommend purchasing the game with your PC.


I think i have answered in your other thread and i will do it here again. Youur graphics card is bad. You should probably not buy stoneheart. Or buy it on steam, try it and if it doesn’t work, refund it.

how to refund stonehearth?

And can i upgrade my graphics card? Or is that costing moneys

You can’t upgrade a Graphic Card like magic with Laptop.It’s not possible with fair price :wink:
If i remember asus or msi have developped an external graphic card for laptop but it cost money :stuck_out_tongue:

You can refund all games via steam, if you have not played more than two hours. Google how it works.
And you cannot load an update for your graphic card^^ You would need to buy a better one.

Okay thanks for everything!