Is Stonehearth slow on my laptop?

I have already post something about this but i have sended my laptop thing wrong here are the good things:
Windows 10 Home
Intel® Core™ i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40GHz
Display Adapter: Intel® HD Graphics Family
So is StoneHearth slow on this laptop?

It’s gonna be slow but not so slow like hell.I play sometimes with my old computer dual-core 2.3 ghz with 6Gb ram under windows 10 pro 64bits.My laptop is like yours too but with more RAM even with Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (Lenovo T450)

1 - Update your drivers if you can
2 - Turn off all your software and play in full screen
3 - Play with 20 heartling or 25 heartling (Game Settings) if with 25 heartling it’s too slow put to 20 and some must die in process.
4 - Put all settings to low (Game Settings)

Okay how to update driver if i install one from intel downloadcenter and i have the thing it gives error. And what do you mean with: Turn off all your software? And do you have codes for launching stonehearth on steam so it makes it faster? or are the codes not working?

Can you please provide me your laptop reference or part number please ? (Example : Lenovo T450)
They’re no codes and it’s not gonna be faster like superman :wink:

When i said to turn off all software : Close all software like Internet Explorer,etc…

Yeah im sorry im from The Netherlands i dont understand you. But i want that yeah what do i need to do?
And where can i see that?

Hey i’m from France english is not my main language too :wink:
But if you need help i’m your boy too :wink:

Yeah nice cool! But what do i need to give you i want my pc fast as a superman! xD (And where can i find it)

Your laptop reference or part number is in “rear” from your laptop

Im sorry what? xD Pleas give me a hole tutorial my pc is in netherlands language so where can i find it? (Referentie Beheer) do i need that (Its netherlands that word)

Part Number is universal ! Even in japanese :stuck_out_tongue:
So it’s a string with numbers and characters.

If you can send my a message with a hole tutorial then its fine! =) because i dont understand you im not good in english

Put the battery off of your laptop ? Your laptop is Asus, IBM, Tohsiba ?

Its a HP laptop so yeah is that wrong? =(

No i need real name of your laptop to upgrade yours drivers

The name of my laptop is Milan? Im so so sorry i dont understand you :cry:

Like this example : HP Spectre x360

Spectre x360 is a reference or name of this laptop

Im gonna eat now im so back if you want send me a tutorial where i can find it. Im sorry that im not understanding you

Kunt u mij de referentie van uw laptop ?

How to find part-number ? go there :