Minimum Specs...Can I Play the Game?

Hi, my friend has quite an old computer here are his minimum specs:
Intel® Celeron® CPU E3200 @ 2.40GHz
Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
RAM: 2.1 GB
Do you know if he would be able to play this game if he bought it?

Hey, so far there has not been any word on minimum specs, although they have been able to run it on one of their old laptops, but not sure on the specs of that.

I think they are aiming to have it playable on as many computers as possible but only time will tell what the game will need to run!

It’ll probably run it but not on the best settings based on the quote linked above.

I’m guessing you need something slightly better then what you would use for minecraft … but idk

Does your friend have any discrete gpu? An integrated graphics card might have trouble running the game, as they do with most modern games.

I just going to go out on a limb here, but i would imagine you wouldn’t need to crazy of specs in order to play this, but i guess it more or less kinda depends on how far the game renders, distance wise.

i can tell ya in one line, Too soon to tell. :smile:


Which requirments need the PC, for Stonehearth, yet?

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we dont know much about the requirements just yet, as we are still quite a ways off, even from the beta… but this is what was mentioned on the Kickstarter campaign…

What are the minimum system requirements for the game?

We want the game to run on as many systems as possible, including older ones, but
it’s just too early to give solid numbers at this time. It really
depends on how the game functions when we’re done building it and
optimizing the heck out of it.

p.s. your English is just fine… :wink:

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BTW, @SteveAdamo or @StonehearthFan, could one of you change the title to “requirements for” please? The lack of the second “e” will bug me for eternity otherwise…

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The finall thing and the best thing to make a “optifine” like in minecraft (mod)
so that guys can download it and put it in the stonehearth folder so they get more FPS
i hoap you guys make the same or so . . .
thats my big idea for that game

Sorry for posting a other game in this chat but its just a good idea XD
so guys will can download the little mod and get more fps. . .

Hey @Demahum welcome to the forums!

I have a very basic grasp of what optifine is/ does, but my understanding is that minecraft itself, for what it is,can at times be rather resource intensive. I’m sure some of the coders on here will be able to talk about it in a bit more depth; optifine improves the performance of the game by some magical methods.

I don’t think a stonehearth optifine like mod will be necessary as given the teams experience and the language(s) they are using etc. the game should be pretty stable…

Optifine increases performance by … making Minecraft way more efficient (as well as adding more options which can help boost performance). Why is it needed? Because Notch coded it quite badly. However, why do barely any other games have it? Because they are optimised well. This should be the same with Stonehearth.

If all fails, though, a mod would be useful.

agreed… MC is written in Java, while SH is written in C++ and Lua… and while this is the very definition of comparing apples to minivans, optimizing java is (so ive been told) rather difficult, in comparison to many of the other major languages…

I know of laptops that could outperform my computer: it depends on how powerful the laptop is. I’m no computer-wizard, but I’d say a duel core with around four-ish gigs ram may be able run it. Double that (8gig ram and quad-core) and that’s where I’d say safety is.
Youll need to ask someone else about graphics cards, thats waaaaaaay past my knowledge-base.

Could you post your computer/laptop specs here? :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how, eehm… Run “dxdiag” :blush:

why do i smell formaldehyde?

because this threads 6 months old ROFL.