2310 x64 The game is slow

I used to have problems with the game slowing down when I am mining. Now the game is running slow from the start. The mouse is moving slowly and hard to per precise even at the beginning of the game.
People are moving slowly. Graphic settings are set to the lowest possible setting.

I am running a MBPr on windows.
16gb ram 5100 iris 2.8ghz intel i7

Hi @leetcat, I take it your laptop is a regular Macbook Pro, not the 15" with the nVidia card? Are your graphics drivers up-to-date?

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Mouse movement is very laggy when selecting a starting location for my town. If I move the mouse it jumps around. I have to be very slow to actually get a place I want.

I am running a MBPr on windows.
16gb ram 5100 iris 2.8ghz intel i7

It lags for me as well.

if you are running latest build did you check the “use 64 bit” box in the system tab of the options menu?

My graphics card is up to date, and it is a 13.3" model 2013.

I am also running on the latest build with the x64 version box checked.

Sorry I don’t have screen video capture software on my windows or I just don’t know how to use it to show you it not working.

I don’t know, but it could be that this, and the other issues you are facing, are simply a result of running the game on Mac.

I’m not sure how many people have the game running on Mac and what their experiences are with it so unfortunately don’t have much to offer.

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I am running this in windows, not on a VM.

Sorry I thought you were running the game on a Mac? Erm, have you wiped OS X completely off then and replaced it with Windows?

i dont understand why some people have the lag/slowness on start-up/throughout the game

My specs are

ASUS M11AD mobo
quad core i5
8 gb ram
1.2 gb Vram
Radeon r7 240 (which is AMD/ATI tech)
windows 8.1 x64
340W PSU

my game works fine in both x64 and 32, the only lag i have is when they chop a lot of trees at once (which hardly effects me) after they have finished chopping, the speed goes back to normal

because it depends from game to game, installment to installment. Certain ppl have very good pc’s others have not that good pc’s and it’s a game in alpha so don’t expect it to be a very high-performance-efficient game (yet) xD
They’re called ‘bugs’ for a reason and not everyone has them. The type of bug also varies from game to game, cause from what I’ve noticed is that some buggs can only pop up when a certain chain of errors has preceded it.

Just a though, if you hit “Print screen” - then open paint program - then paste, it should load your desktop screen at the time you hit Print Screen", you can then save it and use for screen shots, unless your talking about video.

Also if using Steam, F-12 is default screen shot key.

When on windows you can use the windows snipping tool to make screencaptures

@leetcat i don’t know if you are able to do so on your pc (or even it this software was offered with your package) but what i have used in the past (can’t remember the name now) is a program by Adobe where you can take streams of your pc (also, i think there is a prog called windows movie maker which is only available for some systems, not all)

Or what you could do, is make a twitch account, get the free version of Xsplit Broadcaster and watch the tutotrials on how to use it (honestly not that complicated to do with twitch)

i don’t know what upload you have, but even my 0.91 MB UL can do it… but it might be low quality on a single core

I know how to do screen captures. I just don’t know any easy to use free applications that can do video captures.

obs is 100% free relatively easy to use plenty of short but clear tutorials!

wow this new update has next to no lag for me on the map picker and not as much lag in game as well!

So far no lag on update here also 210.

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I do get a lot of lag If I have more than a " little" shadow but that might just be my PC

The Lua just crashed for me after I killed the goblin king. But this may be another bug.

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