Could my computer handle the game?

My computer is windows 8.1 64bit, Intel Pentium processed 12900, Intel HD graphics, 4gb ddr3 memory,

I’m going to guess that it’s onboard graphics, if it is unfortunately it will have a hard time rendering and processing the game. I’ll take a safe bet and say no.

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@Feashrind well thanks but I’m going to give it a go anyway c:

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Worth a shot! Welcome to the Discourse by the way!


So the game appears to be running fine! The shadows are turned down a lot but its fine!


woot! \o/ happy for you :slight_smile:

hate to be ‘that guy’, but what was this thread for if you were going to try it anyways?

To be given a definite “No” if it clearly could not run the game?
To avoid the hassle of having to return something on steam?

Don’t be ‘that guy’ ZwoeleBeer! :smile:

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I think it can handle the game, why did you say “No”? :neutral_face: (then again, I’m not an expert on hardware). I’m glad that you can play, @Momodoom17 :smile: (and welcome to the forum!!)

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