Issue still unresolved, please help!

so I had an issue a while back that I posted on the forums, and was moved mistakenly by mr adamo into a thread that has since died despite my attempts to resurrect it, so this time, im going to post the picture and hope mr adamo allows this to be a separate thread this time so it can get the attention it needs

Processor: intel E5200 2.4 Ghz dual core
4 GB Ram
Graphics: integrated (see processor)

I have never been able to play the game yet, either from humble bundle or steam, please help!

You received a response from @not_owen_wilson:

I’m not sure if it has been fixed so it’d be good to get a quick update from Chris.

As the Alpha progresses I imagine we will see a lot of progress in terms of optimization and getting the game working on lower-spec machines, unfortunately it’s one of those things right now.

I’ll make sure to punish @SteveAdamo for his merging in private. With candles,


as this never happens… …

scratch that… I had a witty retort, but seeing as you are having such a difficult time getting the client run, I’ll refrain… :smile:

here’s hoping @not_owen_wilson will be able to shed some light here…

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well, the reason i posted this thread was primarily to get any sort of update on where that particular fix Mr. Wilson metioned was at, i dont mind if its not ready, but id like to at least know its still being worked on

fixed the issue, got a cheap nvidia card that did the trick