Can my PC handle Hosting?

ok so… after sharing specs with a few fellow Hearthlings and Cids last night - i thought this would be a good thing to post (sorry if one already exists)

my specs (according to some) say i cannot host but i am (for some reason) golden -

i5 440s 2.8 (3.10 turbo) - Quad
windows 10 - home 64
GTX 1060 (3 gig)
M11AD MOBO (Bios 0501)

Connection = 3.8 MB DL >1.8/2.10 UL

but i have stable games (6 people) for up to 12 hours ++ if any other join at this marker it becomes very unstable and I always have to reset the world (new game)

I suggest others do the same (post their specs)?


these are my results

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I think it’s a bit short for the late game, I mean when I was the host my GPU was at 75% (3gig) and my RAM was used at 4.8 gig (i have 8 of DDR4) and we were 6 on the map (after 2 hours).

And for the connection, we made multiple test with you and I had some lag not really game breaker but just little lag…

GPU : GTX 970 (4 gig)
RAM : 8 gig of DDR4
CPU : i7-4790 3.6 GHz
Speed test :

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Vexrris? (who are you @Charles_Santerre ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • point is… yes some of you have lag on my host… others are perfectly fine… (and by others i mean @Averest and she is in america)

  • i am UK

But tbh… this is to be expected… its the internet after all (does crazy things sometimes)

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i7-7700K 4.2
Windows 7 64-bit
16 GB DDR4
GTX 1080ti

25Mbps down 5Mbps up

It’s a shame my internet is dropping pretty regularly (and isn’t particularly fast), but I’m mostly playing with those folks across the pond so it may be best that I don’t host. =P

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AMD FX 8350 ( 8core with 4,0 GHz)
16 GB DDR3
Geforce GTX 960 2GB DDR5


Plus your asertion failed issues :stuck_out_tongue:

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