AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

Hey guys, Pyre here
Some people know I’m not the most computer smart person out there, and that’s very true, but what I want to know is why my brand spankin new Azza (E05 204) computer is giving me 30 fps on a game like minecraft when I heard it should be giving me like 100. I figured it might have been that my graphics card isn’t hauling it’s share, so I warm up a program called msi Afterburner which came with the starting programs and is apparently supposed to monitor and alter the GC efficiency or what not (because I got a bunch of graphs and sliders available to me, which I have not touched) So I’ll just read what is pre-set into the sliders:
Core Voltage (mV) Blank
Power Limit (%) +0
Core Clock (MHz) 800
Memory Clock (MHz) 800
Fan Speed (%) 30 [*Auto]

And Graph Monitors
GPU temp *C: Steady 33
GPU usage %: 0 with random spikes reaching 84 every now and then
Fan Speed%: steady 39
Fan tachometer RPM: graphs tell me min 16 max 1420, but it’s pretty low right now

Please note this is while chrome is the only open program.
So would the people with some experience in this area offer me some of their guidance please? I’m not exactly sure what to do, and don’t want to touch any bad buttons
Plz and Thx
Much appreciation
~ Pyre

Minecraft requires a good processor.

It also requires more ram and additional ram allocation specifically for Java. Sometimes you’ll see custom batches made for the execution of Minecraft. Default I beleive is 1GB which isn’t generally enough if you’re running about uncovering new chunks every couple minutes or trying to play with mods. A 7700 Radeon should be overkill for Minecraft.

Noted, that actually makes sense…most of it
thx @Crobo

attempts to allocate more GB
Game Crashes

Back to square one…

Yeah… does Minecraft even go near your GPU? Giving Java access to more RAM & getting a better CPU would make more difference I’d have thought.

Batch file tutorial: Tutorials/Setting up a server – Official Minecraft Wiki

Tekkit Launcher: Download the Technic Launcher - Technic Platform

Feed the Beast Launcher: Feed The Beast

Those 2 launchers come complete with ready-made mod packs and a drop-down menu etc to let you change the RAM allocated to Minecraft, so running it through them may be easier all round.

What is your exact card name? I have a amd 7750, and I have more than 30 fps in minecraft.

Also, what processor do you have? And how much RAM do you have?

i believe having the most recent java update also helps (assuming you don’t have auto-updates enabled, of course)…

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After about 4 hours of getting grease on my face messing with java and continuous trial and error, I went from 30-39 fps to 50-59 fps. That’s a start I suppose…

AMD FX™-6300 six core processor with 3.5 GHz and 8 GB memory/RAM

So what I haven’t heard yet, is that my graphics card not hauling it’s share is not the problem, I suppose if I wanted to deal with getting more fps later on I’ll just have to dive back into java again.

your machine is certainly not wanting for power… this is rather peculiar…

@PyreStarite, I have a fully upgraded iMac, but it didn’t used to be fully upgraded.

During the customization process, I selected the best processor, graphics card, 27" screen size / 2K resolution, and accessories. My cousin had once told me that any amount of RAM over 4GB is pointless, so I got 8GB because I thought that it was more than I would ever need. I could run Minecraft quite well, and with my screen being 2K HD, I still got 60 fps. Yet when it came to running Minecraft vanilla servers, Minecraft mods / modpacks, or even Minecraft modded / modpack servers, 8 GB wasn’t enough. Fortunately, you can upgrade an iMac’s RAM easily, so I doubled it to 16GB. After I inserted the brand new cards, I immediately went to Technic (which is now Tekkit Classic) and placed 3 stacks of nukes. During the detonation, I still received 60 fps (2K means you have to render 4 times as much as 1080p HD, so that’s quite a feat!).


More RAM is more space for variables
Variables (in the context of Minecraft) include:

  • Blocks
  • Placement / Orientation
  • Generation
  • Mobs
  • Most of all: Textures

With more RAM, your computer has the power to run 512x textures (bear in mind the default is 16x)

Since your computer is newer, you may have capacity for up to 32GB or 64GB of RAM, which has the potential to run a dedicated, 3000+ player, multi-million dollar / month server!

I’m glad I was correct about the ram. Your system specs are overkill. Instead of messing around in Java download the Technic Launcher, it’ll create a custom batch for you and save you time and frustration. Click the vanilla portrait (or mod portrait) select option and customize the RAM allocation to no greater than 6GB in your case. You always want to leave 2GB reserved for system use or the PC can choke when it processes higher priority tasks.

Normally very sound advice but as you state later in your post Minecraft is a very special exception. :smile:

I once saw a pic floating around the web 1990s Graphics 2011 RAM :laughing: