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sorry my english is bad.

Why is our CPU usage so high?

I dont have any problems with this game but i dont like “simple” games which consume massive hardware.
It does not sense to take advantage of faster hardware for things which previously ran with much less…

the new minecraft (100% c++) or other pixel games run perfect on my weak lumia 640 xl (a Qualcomm 4x1.2GHz). so stonehearth would also run on mobile devices…

In StoneHearth my i5-4690 (3.5ghz) runs with ~40%… and that only in the main menu…
A picture in the background… a picture for the logo… 2 buttons… a sound… normally it would have to run with 0.5%. testet with any version (11-12) and any compatible mode (from w10)…
and phatfinding (current discussion)? this could already a one core cpu (mhz) from 1990… simple calc.

fix this main problem and not other content…

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The “new” minecraft is just minecraft mobile, it’s not actually a new minecraft. In typical microsoft fashion, they renamed it and rereleased. Can’t really compare mobile apps for a phone to how a full-sized 64 bit game is going to behave. It’s like comparing a skateboard to a car and saying the car’s gas mileage should be the same as the skateboard because they both have wheels.

Optimization is constantly going on for this game but there is only so much they can do before they finish building the engine. Again back to the car analogy…it’s hard to improve the mechanics of an engine when it’s still basically a box of partly assembled parts with an unknown number of parts still to be added.

Alpha testing is a patience game and a chance to exercise your game rebooting skills.


Very nicely said @Boulderboy. To continue on your point about comparisons and minecraft, Minecraft has had all kinds of performance issues, especially in its early stages. If you google improve minecraft performance there are thousands of articles discussing ways to increase FPS, quality, lower memory usage, etc. As you said, the game is in alpha, there is no expectation that it will run efficiently, or even run at all.


@jomaxro Minecraft (Java an other script s***) is not “Windows Minecraft” (c++).

@Boulderboy The Windows/Mobil Version is not a simple mobil game… only a game that run on any device (the power of microsoft and not “typical microsoft fashion” :wink: ) have you ever play this minecraft on a w10 pc? its looks/run mutch better than the java version.

Here we have not only a small performance issue… "simply play stonehearth and you have a great air flow and a hot room"
I just wanted to know why a game uses 40% of my CPU for a simple menu. There’s nothing to “improve” only to fix complete (40% -> 0-1% in menu) …

is this only a problem on w10? Maybe this is the reason why vsync decreases the cpu load 20%? (windows 10 can use cpu power for grafik render)

@PhilipPino, first, please do not swear on the forums, these are meant to be family friendly and safe for work (see the FAQ here.

Second, comparing Stonehearth to Minecraft, or any other “stable released” game that has been published is not fair at this time. Minecraft (and Windows Minecraft) are “stable.” They are advertised and released as such having gone through large amounts of testing. Stonehearth is in Alpha. It is not feature complete, nor is it performance optimized. It will not be feature complete or performance optimized for an unknown period of time. There are 8 developers working full time on this game, and the speed at which they are making progress is remarkable.

Nowhere has Stonehearth been advertised as a complete game. It is an “Early Access” game on Steam, which includes a warning that the game is not complete, and builds are called Alpha’s (not yet Beta, or Release Candidate). The devs are incredibly responsive to issues that are brought up, and each build they release has fixed more and more issues (performance included). If you have a specific suggestion for improvement, or find a bug that causes a performance issue, by all means please post here so it can be fixed. Calling Stonehearth “simple,” complaining about the performance, and comparing it to feature complete stable games is not helpful. Thank you.

tl;dr: Stonehearth is in Alpha, it is not a complete game, it is not 100% stable, and it is not 100% optimized.


Yup, I have played every version of minecraft. “works on any platform” literally means it was designed to work on the least powerful class of device…phones. It’s the mobile framework, mobile platform, they simply took the game, added in a few more features that are present in the desktop version and released it. If you want to see firsthand the difference between a mobile app and a desktop app, load regular minecraft on your phone.
Win10 doesn’t upgrade your phone to use desktop apps, the entire point was to run mobile apps on your pc.

Any window version will utilize the cpu to render graphics if it is using the integrated graphics chip. That isn’t new or even unique to windows, it’s pretty much standard on any computer without a standalone GPU. Maybe try switching your primary GPU to your graphics card and away from the integrated graphics chip. Using your CPU to render graphics and complaining about performance goes a bit beyond silly.

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Can we close this thread yet? no point comparinig finished mobile apps and decade old finished games to an alpha simply for saying the alpha should be a finished product already, @8BitCrab


i’ll close it, but if @SteveAdamo feels otherwise then he can open it back up.


nope, i’m ok with closing this …

and I appreciate everyone remaining civil… we’re all interested in the same thing after all! :smile: :+1: