Poor Game Performance On Decent PC

I have a pc with a Ryzen 1600 six-core @ 3.5 GHz, GTX 970 Strix, 16 GB 2666MHz and I have the game installed on Samsung 860 EVO and the game is runnning between 20-35 frames on the in game recommended settings, and bewtween 30-40 on minimum settings and fallback renderer. The game isn’t even using my pc fully in any way…

I am REALLY enjoying the game but is so painfully laggy, is there anyway I can get some help?
{I would have put a second screen cap which shows minimum+fallback performance but it new users can only post one picture at a time}

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This is most likely because the game is not using threads good so to experience this game decently it seems you need an overclocked 8700k or something close to that because intel is still stronger on single core performance and often runs at a higher clock.

I have lost a ton of fps since the weather system came i remember with my old setup i7 920 @4ghz and amd 7950 when i was getting around 150-200 fps at start in 1080p.

Now at the start with the same settings but with twice as powerful of GPU GTX 1060 and a stronger i7 3930k @4.4Ghz 6 core 12 threads i get around 100fps 1080p and 1440p is not nice to look at start with 60fps and this is beginning of a game and moving camera looks really stuttery at 60 fps in this game for some reason.
It will downgrade a lot fast as you get bigger town so i have to force my game to run 1080p by changing resolution inside Windows because game lacks option to do so ingame.

also changing settings ingame for me have a minimal to no fps gain at all except maybe for how many shadows everything 0 is better and everything above is same fps.

Game mostly use about 20-30% of my total cpu then game simply cant handle my cpu any further which means gpu cant work more either.

It really is a shame that the game aint running better and it most likely wont be seeing any big changes if Radiant don’t shock us with a huge change for multithreading which from previous reading on forums most likely will not happen since they will soon stop working on the game after release 1.1.

This game really did deserve way better performance. For a machine such as mine it should be running way above 60 fps.

This game should had run fine on quiet low end / medium machines to ever have a chance to become popular and it actually did for me in the past before weather system patch came

To Try
You could try do do a fresh driver install of your Nvidia driver hade hope that it will improve your fps there is a clean install option if you choose Custom Install when installing it to Clean Install

For fun since i keep older versions of this game i tried with that one have 160-170 fps start of a game compared to the new clients that has 60-70 fps…

overclocked 2500k works fine for me lol, but i have a cooler the size of my head on it and it heats my living room… (goes up to like 4.something ghz afaik)

depends what you call fine its all about standards.
some people think its okay that this game runs at 60 fps with beast pc parts but infact it should run at 60 fps with low end hardware.

Still not sure why this game cut fps from 170+ down to 60-70 between 2 client patches
It’s a bigger cut than what ray tracing did in Battlefield V

Also Ryzen 1600x is also a high end cpu but not utilized by the game.

kill some of your hearthlings. kill the surrounding wildlife, goblins, ANYTHING with AI.
there is a critical amount of AI your pc will handle. the golden zone seems to be 25 ish hearhtlings for most people, slightly more in multiplayer (divvied up between more people)

if you need help in the killing, there are dev tools that can help, feel free to ask XD

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What a shame honestly, not to knock the graphics or gameplay and what not but of all games I have run through my pc (sadly it would have been considered ‘budget’ in 2014 and not a beast I know but BF V ran beautifully high/ultra 1080p 90 frames+) I did expect some issues with Stonehearth because of it being so AI focused… BUT I expected them when I made my settlement three times larger.

-Ryzen 1600 Six-core is Six Cores and 12 Logical.

I overclocked my cpu a bit to 3.85GHz and I could take it to 4 GHz with the cooler I have but even with the overclocking I saw no performance gain and I would rather not burn out my cpu or motherboard. Thanks for the reply, sad to know that the game runs terrible even on higher end machines.

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I really REALLY do not want to shrink my settlement, 32 Hearthlings for me is the perfect amount for a small thriving settlement (Rich and with a strong military) and I even planed on expanding much further, I really expected to be able to do that, I wanted to create a legitimate town, not two apartment buildings and a workshop. Maybe it’s me being too ambitious but I don’t know.


Best way to do that currently I’ve found is multiplayer and spawning in the same spot, went up to like 50 hearthlings semi stable like that, which would be a nice amount for a town. Then again it was me hosting with the chunky cpu, so your results may vary. I have also found efficient design, and roads help a bit (the less the pathfinder has to do, the better)

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It’s hard to believe so many players still don’t understand this – of course a large, complicated/sprawling town with no direct routes anywhere is going to take longer to compute than a compact/“efficient” town where key areas are kept together.

My computer is no beast, but I can run 30 hearthlings with no dramas thanks simply to the way I keep my resources within the town and design the roads/major thoroughfares in a straightforward way. Not only does it make the load on my processor a little easier, it means that when I have a large construction project in mind it completes pretty quickly; and the AI doesn’t get stuck/start dropping tasks or do any of the other “death spiral” behaviours. If I want to push it further, it takes some more significant optimisation (e.g. more fastidious storage, cull back anything with pathfinding, turn off jobs when they’re not required, reduce variety of foods being served, mine in very small sections and clean up before mining anything new, etc.) but I’ve been able to run 40 hearthlings this way. This was before golems though – nowadays I reckon that by turning off the hauling job on all hearthlings and using crickets, I could manage 40 hearthlings a little easier… although they’d have a very luxurious/relaxed life hahaha!

Look, don’t get personally offended by whatever I say about the game, I truly was enjoying it until it started stuttering and becoming completely unplayable,and being a creative person I had plans on building a town with separate workshops/shoppes, castle walls, houses, build up my town to become an economic power house with a small school to train the best engineers and soldiers and blacksmiths- … but it can’t handle a workshop, a storage building, storage crates and two apartment builds all right next to each other, which is FAR from a “large, complicated/sprawling town” with “difficult routes”, what chance is there I can do that…?

Again, maybe I am WAY TOO ambitious, my Minecraft, Starbound, Little Big Planet and Terraria builds did get out of hand many times, often putting aesthetics before survival.

And I fully understand that the game is AI heavy and therefore CPU intensive, anyone with the slightest amount knowledge on how game engines/systems work knows that. And OBVIOUSLY predetermining paths for AI and limiting what they do will increase performance, but that’s why i put everything so close together, limit how far the AI has to go, limit the complex routes and limit the settlements size until I finally had the resources to truly build a civilized grand town. And I have no doubt your game runs well however your town and what I envisioned for my town are way different, your’s is luxurious/relaxed while mine was going to be an industrial juggernaut, max Hearthlings possible, everyone having a job to do to make their city the trade and military capital of the kingdom!!! Too bad I won’t be able to do that because the only way the game is meant to be played is by having towns do the bare minimum to survive… I guess I had accomplished that in day 10.