Game runs at around 20 fps on max on 1080ti and i7 8700k, 16 gigs of ram. Fallback renderer only brings it up to 47-40. Will there be hyperthreading?

So, here is the thing.

I installed 2 essential mods that completly destroy performance, problem is, I never see performance demamded from the game

I am using the 30 hearthling mod

and the Giant map mod

I have an i7 8700k and 1080ti, and 16 gigs of system memory. I figured I should be able to at least run with everything on Ultra and get 75 FPS, or at LEAST 30 constant

Ever since day 1 the game ahs been slogging down to a crawl. I understand that it might do that, since the map is huge and its LOTS of calcualtions

Problem is, on task manager, the game never uses more than 25-40% CPU power, and very little GPU power. and it goes down to the 20 fps. I configured everything I could to increase performance, disable Vsync, enable frame limiter, even OCd the gfx card.

there were 2 very curious things

Ths FPS seems to go up to a solid 30-45 if I set every GFX option to LOW (Note, this seems to be a graphics issue, not a CPU calculation issue). The game still runs incredibly slow, 20 to 19 fps

HOWEVER, If I turn on the fallback renderer, it goes to a more aceptable yet stil not great 30 fps. (On the menus it goes up to 47). It sems that my 1080ti cant handle this game’s graphical option, since if I turn everything even to 0 WITHOUT the fallback renderer, the game halts to a crawl

And the other thing, the game never wants to use more CPU power, I imagine this has to do with the fact that there is no hyperthreading. Is this corect?

Are there any plans to at least enable hyperthreading as a last performance feature? I remember hearing about this some desktop tuesdays ago, but that was long ago, and I dont know if we will see it at release or at 1.1

Any advice? the game performs reasonably well in calculations, I often do have eharthlings idling, but its usualy not for long, problem seems to be the FPS, UNLESS I use the fallback renderer, it falls to around 20 fps. even with minimal render distance, only thing I can try to change and more or less works is the number of shadows.

Thanks again

EDIT: after editing some other GFX values, its lights that seem to be the issue, if set to max, they will CONSUME the FPS to nothing.

the fallback renderer still performs better, but atleast now I can have some ambient occlusion, but its STILL at 40 fps. I can run most games at 75, my monitor refresh rate

the low amount of processor use is logical: i7’s tend to have a crapton of cores, but only like 1-3 are used (luckilly you have a K version, so i would not be surprised to see your pc just shouting MORE POWAAAH at those cores that do get used)

beyond that, giant map mod literally comes with the disclaimer that it will wreck performance. @BrunoSupremo put that disclaimer there for a reason. did you try it without that mod?

I did. I was just a bit confused, I would understand if the game really took more performance, to render all of those cubes, but I would have not expected the performance of the game to tank WITHOUT an increase in demand from the gfx card. I keep looking at it, and on a more or less playable setting, its stuck at 35% usage

Hyperthreading is something that the dev team have declared to be “well outside the realm of practical things” since getting AI to run across multiple cores is a nightmare, and AI is the single biggest performance chewer in the game. It’s theoretically possible, but would require far more time and resources than the team have ever had available.

The lighting (especially shadows) is the second biggest, which is why we have options to limit the number of lights working at a time. I’m able to set everything else to max if I keep the shadows capped to 2 and the lights capped to 20.

The issue that limits the speed of both the AI and the lighting/shadow rendering is that in order to work, these systems need data or input from everything that’s happening around them. From what I understand, it’s difficult to break the big loads down into smaller loads, because each thread would constantly be asking the other threads for answers they don’t have yet.


Basically, to get this working, we’d need to re-write the game. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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