Performance CPU Max

I have a i5-7600
and a GTX 1060
and its at average 95% utilization even when the game is paused. then the game slows down and is unresponsive. I reload and it gets better but after a wile it slows down again. I’m playing with a lot of mods so I’m wondering if one of the mods is causing the problem. it would be great if you could implement a performance monitor like in the game Space Engineers. it allows you to open the performance monitor and it shows all the things that is affecting performance. weather it be too many entities or X mod is slowing down your game.
I’m playing on low graphics settings in hopes to get better performance and I get average 110 FPS
when it gets to the point where I cant click on anything and I cant pause the game I reload and sometimes it fixes it other times It just crashes

Can you upload the save which causes this?

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it was too big to directly upload here

Thanks for the save. It runs pretty well on my i7-2600k, but it did point us towards a couple possible optimizations.

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glad I could help. I’m curious as to what exactly was causing the slow down.

In that particular save, I am seeing performance issues with a bunch of stuff, including:

  • Crafting material tag checking
  • Recomputing paths while chasing entities
  • Combat target selection
  • Item ownership checks

Some of the simple ones I optimized for the next release, while others are scheduled to be optimized for the release after that one.