Creating a beefy save for dekstop tuesday


Just watched the most recent Desktop Tuesday (26.06.2018) and since the developers asked for savefiles which are laggy with better specs than the recommended I figured this is a great oppurtunity to help;

Not to humble brag or anything, but I’ve got somewhat of a beefy rig built to be able to stream;

CPU: Intel Core i7 8700k | OC @ 4.8GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 | OC @ 1671MHz
RAM: Corsair LPX 3200Hz | 2x8gb Sticks

However, I’ve somewhat gotten used to mods, and I would assume that there will be mods that create performance issues aswell, I’m wondering if it would be of use to share save-files that are modded?

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depends on the kinds of mods really. most content mods with extra stuff wont really matter or not. if they radically change gameplay systems they might be less interesting but i’d say just share and they can see if its usefull or not?

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Yeah, ^^

Saves with mods are fine, as long as they are available on Steam Workshop.

most content mods with extra stuff wont really matter or not.

Not for server performance, but content mods wreck havoc with some of the UI (e.g. a workshop with a hundred recipes will load much more slowly).

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Awesome, that’s good to hear :relieved:

One question if you don’t mind. While playing with my friend I made sure to measure my memory, cpu and gpu usage. One thing I noticed was that the first round, on my CPU, out of my 12 logical cores there was about 90%+ usage on my 4th logical core, however, when we started another “run” the usage was then put on my 6th logical core. Why is this?

Edit: Forgot to add that I also have all my cores unparked

Core selection is arbitrary and done by the OS.

Ah I see, not related at all then I assume.

Are there any specifics I can do to force some errors out of the save file? as an example: having more than 40 hearthlings, having unnecessarily many lights etc?

We mainly care about seeing natural savefiles, i.e. what you get when you play the game as you would normally play it, rather than ones with deliberately more perf load. Sadly, it’s easy to create deliberate underperforming situations, so we have to focus on cases which get hit when players play the game naturally.

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Ok, that’s good to hear, thanks for the answers Max ^^,