Computer specifications

Hey there!

So I was considering on buying a new gaming computer with an aproximate budget of USD 1500-2000

Have already considered the idea of keeping two separate drives with different speeds and storage amounts for the OS to be on one and all files on the other one, this looks like a good idea.

Is there anyone out there who may advise on what would be best to be bought?

To be added ( current computer specifications )

Thank you all in advance!

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well well… my rig is almost 6 months old but back then it cost ~2300 € (~2500 USD) without the additional watercooling
I think the same hardware is now availible for less so it might fit in your upper limit

(btw my SSD sucks, that’s why it’s “only” 7,7)

one major decision is the amount of RAM as the OS depends on it
assuming you go for Windows 7 (don’t even think of 8.1 or 10) then you can have up to 16GB RAM on “Home Premium” but anything higher than 16GB requires the “Pro” or “Ultimate” Edition (both x64 oc)

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If you can, try build your own pc since its much more cheaper than a bag of potatoes and you can choose how much RAM you want,you can choose what processor you want and etc.
In my opinion, you processor should be an intel i5 but since you want a gaming pc, an intel i7 is what you might be looking for but keep in mind that is really expensive
The amount of RAM I recommend is 8gb but that’s probably an overkill

it really depends what you are looking for you so i can’t help you that much

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Thank you, all opinions and advice are welcome!
Vielen danke!

As to windows qualification everything is 7.9 but the SSD which is scored 5.9.

OK, here’s my DxDiag:

I would like to either improve this or get something better.

^^ you already have a nice gaming PC so it might be worth a look to just upgrade the existing one and not to get a new built.
but that entirely depends on your computer building skills (changing hardware) or if you know somebody who can do that for you

the graphic card seems to be a good start for improvements (a TitanX with 12GB RAM maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: )
combined with a new Intel hexa-core I7-5930K CPU (only if that one fits on your motherboard)

this would sum up to ~1600 USD

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Fact of the matter is I live in a country ( Argentina ) affected by import restrictions so I mainly check what’s being sold overseas and have the components bought when travelling.

Considering this it would be very usefull if you could help me find what’s actually on the market.

Titan X:

I find my computer to be particularly slow lately and was fond of having the double SSD configuration settled as well as improving my RAM to maybe 16, I know just 12 ( 3 x 4 ) is not correctly built, right?

I have customized and built my previous computer so I have no problem changing or upgrading components by myself, I’m just a little bit unsure of what actual components are in the market due to local missing information.

ok that’s making it harder to find the best stuff for you…
so amazon is no option for you either?

Well, everyone has an opinion, so here’s mine:

As a Titan X owner, I wouldn’t buy a Titan X. Personally, I would buy a 980 Ti. The fact that you are considering a Titan X while using a 1080p panel is just the silliest thing I have read in a long time.

You’re right about your memory configuration, I’d populate that extra slot. The DDR3 you are using is probably dual channel, and there is a reason they are sold in pairs. Unless you can find an exact match, buy a matched pair with the same frequency and latency as your first pair. Else bite the bullet and buy a 4x4 pack.

Buy a decent 1440p gaming panel, as 1080p is sooo last century. I wouldn’t recommend a 4k panel (again, I have one) you’ll struggle to drive it with this generations GPUs (unless you drop quality levels)

Lastly, buy yourself a couple of decent SSDs to make your computer spritely again.

There are apps such as CCleaner that will help keep your computer running at its best, but sometimes its worth having a spring clean, and reinstalling your OS.

Hope this helps.


Hehe, I don’t know why this made me smile so much…


Any local shop is an option as I ask these to have the products shipped to the hotel where my friend is staying. ( Europe / North America )

Have requested rates for both, since I am considering updating the whole computer in the future, would not like to invest into a part which would become obsolete in a few computer updates.

Mushkin DDR3 1333 MHZ
Maybe I should get a better newer technology RAM memories ( 2Âş priority? )

OK, this is considered for a much later upgrade.
I lack the funds to have everything done now, computer technology has become 50% more expensive in Argentina

2 SSDs being requested.
No news on available products

I am using CCleaner.

Maybe a fresh start with the OS will help put all in order, should do this as I get the new SSDs
Right now I see my “reading / writing” potential from SSD are at top use while other components run at 40% the most.

Thank you all, your opinions are much appreciated.