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hey people of the discourse,

im thinking about getting a gaming computer, but i know nothing about them. so i was wondering what you guys suggest, as i said i know next to nothing about computers, and im to lazy to research :stuck_out_tongue:

so if anyone here has some wisdom in this kinda stuff it woul be awesome if you could shed some light on the subject for me :smile:

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Build it yourself! Seriously, it’s not super difficult if you’ve got someone who knows what they’re doing helping you, and you’ll save a bundle. I recently put my rig together for about half the price of one I was considering buying–and the specs are even better. It’ll still be pretty expensive if you want the absolute latest tech, but if you’re willing to scale it back a bit, you can get a decent setup for a good price :smile:


i also had that in mind, though again i will say, i know next to nothing about computers and am to lazy to research :stuck_out_tongue: eventually i will put the time and effort into researching this stuff. i just was wondering what people on the discourse suggested for good rigs, whether it be building one or buying one.

Really it doesn’t take much effort to build it yourself. They even have kits at newegg you can get. Hell, I’d even be willing to do a Google Video Chat session with you while you put it together, or PM me here and I can help you pick parts that meet your need. You’ll learn in the process too.


It will save you aq LOT of money over buying one off the shelf, and you will get to install everything yourself, so you wont have to worry about rootkits and bloatware crap etc that comes on OEM PCs. Plus it’s really satisfying.

Someone already offered to video chat you through it - take them up on that.

Only other points I will make:

  • Your OS MUST be an SSD, not a hard drive. The difference is astonishing.
  • RAM is cheap, so cram it in there. I have 16gb and wish I had gone higher (because I do a lot of 3D rendering and photoshop work), but you certainly shouldn’t go lower IMO even if you’re only gaming on it.
  • good or better CPU (go for an i7 ideally) and the best GFX card you can afford. I prefer nVidia over AMD, YMMV.

Anyway, have fun and let us know how you go!


thanks for the advice guys! it will most likely be a few months before i even start, but im still up for advice and info!.

based on what i have been told, both by you guys and some other people, i should build one not buy one.

maby this video is good for you

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100 percent, yes, absolutely. All of us started out knowing almost nothing about the process of building our own PCs. All it takes is some time and willingness to invest that time. It’s not nearly as difficult as many make it out to be.

There are a few crucial mistakes that can be made by novices building their first PC but if you follow the instructions and don’t rush your first build you’ll do fine. The first thing that comes to mind is, don’t fail to screw the brass tacks into your case before mounting the motherboard. Failure to do so will result in shorting out your board when you power it on destroying any number of attached components. I never made that mistake but I know someone who did and he was very clear to tell me to avoid this, thankfully.

Also being overly aggressive in mounting the CPU can damage pins but these days they’ve made mounting the CPU nearly stupid proof in most cases so it’s less of an issue these days.

It’s not easy to throw out a recommended hardware build because there could be a better one a month later and prices are constantly in flux. I would say get your recommendation (if you do) no more than a month before you actually plan to build the PC and no more than a week before you plan to buy. That way you don’t miss out on potential sales or run into issues with hardware being out of stock.

Good luck.


Since I dunno how far into the future you plan to build I’d like to point out that BrianNZ made a good point of Nvidia over AMD at the moment because the Nvidia cards are more feature rich at the moment. Near the end of the year AMD is supposed to be releasing their new set of GPUs that will make them pretty well the same when it comes to the base features needed to game. (Newest versions of DirectX and OpenGL.)

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The big thing to remember about building it yourself is to have a planned budget that you will be using. It is very easy to go overboard a spend a lot more money then you want (but you will generally get a much better pc at the end).
The best thing to use when you are ready to start looking for stuff is to look at system build guides from various tech websites (I can suggest a few if you are interested).

You can use the current guides to give you an idea of prices of what you want to get, and also get a feel of what features/brands/manufacturers you might be interested in. I will say that when you are ready to buy your parts, sales can/will influence what you get.

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There are many good resources that can help you pick parts and see what is possible.
I like to read the articles that publishes articles like Best Graphics Cards for the Money: March 2015

They break down graphics cards, ssd, and processors by budget points which is nice for comparison shopping.

I assisted a high school club with a computer build, and they introduced me to the website when they had to demonstrate their shopping skills to have their purchase approved. We built a liquid cooled I7 build with multiple SSD used for designing parts and running a 3d printer. There are a lot of people on that site that want to show off builds they have configured, and you can easily steal their work and purchase away. There are completed builds you can view from $300 to over $8000.

And also I agree with what was said before. I have 16 GB RAM and multiple SSD drives on my main system. I’ve been thrilled on how this little rig has run for me over the last 4 years. It still keeps up. I use an I5 because I don’t use apps that can take advantage of I7 hyperthreading at this location. I have work servers for the stupid crazy stuff.

You haven’t lived until you have worked on a server that costs more than your own home. :stuck_out_tongue:

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