Computer upgrade advise?

Hey there folks, I’m hoping to find some help here from people who are better with building computers than I am.
So these are the stats right now!:

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM (planning to upgrade to 16GB)
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+
Motherboard: MSI P67A-C43 1155 ATX

What I’m most curious about is the GPU! Any suggestions? :smiley:

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I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong with the CPU. The RAM might be a bottleneck, the graphics card certainly is. What’s the FSB/RAM frequency?

Personally, I just go to my vendor’s website, sort by price ascending, and pick some cheap-but-not-cheapest NVIDIA graphics card. Usually looking for things such as noise, energy consumption and benchmarks against other cheap-but-not-cheapest graphics cards.

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The ram is indeed a bottle neck, I just upgraded from 32 -> 64 bit to make full use of the 4gb I have. So when I’ve got myself some money I’m willing to buy 16 gb. (Kingston HyperX FURY 16 GB DIMM DDR3-1333 <— What I’m planning at) The CPU is great so far!
I was thinking about this videocard. : MSI GEFORCE GTX 750TI GAMING 2Gig.

I’m not sure where to look up the RAM/FSB…
but here are it’s Specs CLICK

You have a pretty decent setup as is, RAM is definitely your bottleneck. I have found that RAM frequency almost never makes a noticable difference, The only exception I have found is doing extremely data havey calculation tasks such as huge excel workbooks or heavy statistics where the OS will need to page a little more and the data will be manipulated a lot more. Even in my light gaming I have not seen an appreciable difference between slower memory and faster, so long as everything you have is matched. The graphics card you’ve picked is pretty solid, not the best card there is but probably at the top of the entry level market. It is likely more than most people will need and unless you are a hardcore gamer at heart that needs no dropped frames in Crysis at its highest settings then you should be good for quite some time. My only words of advice is ensure your PSU can handle what you are putting in. If you are upgrading an older machine and it is the original PSU then invest in a decent one that can support the power your components are requiring. use this calculator to find out what requirements your rig needs.

Seems OK with me. Don’t spend anymore money on stuff that you wouldn’t need or use regularly.

Go here: PassMark Software - Video Card (GPU) Benchmark Charts - Video Card Model List and you can sort by rank or passmark score, then check the prices column to the price you can afford. It will also link you to the vendor selling at that price… easiest way to get the best bang for whatever your budget might be.

Another thing to keep in mind is to watch this over a few weeks, or months depending when you want to buy to see what specials / sales there might be out there.

Good luck!

Paying for 16 GB of ram… is not a good idea if you will never make a good use of them. For example, programming or editing video and 3d with epic levels!!

I can say, 200% sure, the best idea is have a good CPU, and at least, 120$ motherboard cuz motherboard will make all your components slow if you dont have a good one.

Motherboard of 100-120$, 8gb ram with something like Nvidia 650 will be a “super duper normal pc!” ^^

Thanks for the replies so far!
@WxFisch So far I have a 550 PSU.
At the moment I play a bit of Diablo 3 on med. settings with the occasional rate drops. Like to have that fixed and I think that entry level card will do it’s job on that :slight_smile: EDIT: Thanks for the link of the calculator! Will check it all out around wednesday, thursday!

@Amerisun I have used that website indeed, alot of the vendors use creditcards and / or don’t ship to the Netherlands… Also some of them are too shady. Thanks for the link!

@DaRKKoNNaN, I was actually pretty convinced that my CPU was pretty good right now and thought the same of my motherboard. But maybe I’m not seeing something?

I’d say 8 GB of Ram is good, but I prefer 16 GB if I ever need it.

If cash isnt a limiting factor, i recomemnd EVGA 02G-P4-3757-KRGeforce Gtx750ti 2048mb Gddr5 -

what’s the difference between that one and the MSI GeForce GTX 750TI?