WahtaChump's BUILDING and COMBAT videos (and other stuff)

Welcome to WahtaChump’s Video Gallery!!

This thread contains the various videos including building, combat, etc. More will be added over time, stay tuned!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

 W A H - T A - B U I L D

This section is about buildings and constructions. Credit to @Atralane for coming up with this title :smile:

Let’s build a CHURCH! (with the new building design template)

Let’s start MINING! - Amphitheatre (note this is before mining is officially implemented)


How to start MINING (note this is before mining is officially implemented)

W A H - T A  ! ! !

This section is clearly about combats (what? you didn’t get it?? WAH-TA !!!)

Combat scenes compilation


Let’s fight TWO THOUSAND SKELETONS! (Candledark mod)

Defend mode activation

W A H T A - P L A Y

This section is about gameplays

r153 Gameplay demo - Part 1

r153 Gameplay demo - Part 2

W A H - T A - F...?

This section is about miscellaneous stuff

Stonehearth Movie - Fan made film: Rise of a brave girl

Unit upgrade

Alpha 6 - New skills and level ups

Zombies surrender and bring gifts to ask for truce (or so it appears to be…)

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WahtaChump’s Youtube and fun stuff and things.

(I refuse any accusations about stealing this other places)

I does sound strangely familiar… can’t quite put my finger on it though… :smile:

how about @WahtaChump’s Architectural Endeavors…


Or just: Let’s play Stonehearth with WahtaChump
WhataChump’s Youtube endeavors would be a possibility too :slight_smile:


“WhataChump’s Reign of Glorious Superiority” I kinda think you’ll like that :wink:


WhataChump’s “WhataBuild! Making Stuff in Stonehearth”, at least for the constructive/designing portions.


Whatachump’s Comments and Tidbits

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You guys certainly are more creative than me! Thanks for the suggestions :smile:

Given that my videos are rather random in content (for example I had “combat scenes compilation” and then “bugs” and then “building” etc), a slightly more general topic rather than architect related is probably better.

I do like something like “WahtaChump’s Youtube endeavors” by @thorbjorn42gbf , but then it’s hard to not like “WahtaChump’s Reign of Glorious Superiority” (despite being a completely vague title, it does ooze awesomeness by the bucket-load) by @TurtleSquish , just like @thorbjorn42gbf’s original suggestion of “The Incredible WathaChump’s fantalastic videos” (but then I am not sure if I can justify using the misleading title for my average videoes)


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What about:
WatchaChump’s assorted posts and videos
Kinda boring but it does what it says on the tin

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Ok so after letting the titles sink into my head for a bit, I am starting to really dig “WahtaChump’s Reign of Glorious Superiority” by @TurtleSquish, because of how funny (well sounds really funny in my head for some reason) and random it is.

Like … I have this mental image of a guy standing in his house shouting “***For a man’s house is his castle!***” “***Here with be the Reign of my Glorious Superiority!***” and his kids just look up from the table and yawn at him, and his dog walks by and pee on his feet and casually walks away…

None of this probably makes any sense to you guys…

Anyway, do you guys think it would be appropriate? (it may border a bit on narcissitic… but it sounds so hilarious!)

If so, can a moderator help me combine my threads? Thank you :exclamation: :laughing:


You just need to make a new thread and ask them to make a merge.

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Hi guys, this is a little project I have done, a Fan Film of Stonehearth.

Like a lot of you guys, I have been following Stonehearth with great anticipation ever since last year, and drooling over the pleasant surprises from the Desktop Tuesday/Wednesdays each week.

The weekly wait was not always enough to quench my thirst, and I have read through this discourse page, and I have watched the few youtube videos out there, however they only temporarily satisfied my craving for more Stonehearth awesomeness.

From my searches I couldnt find a fan film based on Stonehearth, and have decided to take it upon myself to increase the awareness of the world to the gorgeous graphics of this game. I am very new at this video thing so it was pretty much a learning process.

I hope you guys enjoy it, please feel free to leave comments on the video, including constructive feedbacks. Thank you! =)


Cheers man!

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hahaha… love the idea! will give it a watch this morning… thanks! :+1: