VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


scratch that m8 just exported a test file in qb nice now i can make the mod of my dreams


Well it can, but with the latest stonehearth release something might have broken?



i don’t think it’s something with the latest release, i think it might be that the game doesn’t like something about models exported from VS, as i was having this problem back around A11-A12 :confused:

i guess i should also mention that i’m not certain on whether it’s VS or stonehearth that’s having the problem


@8BitCrab @cole3050 I figured out how to reproduce the exact same files. Will try to release an update in the next few days… Thanks for your patience.


Sometimes, the easy way is still the best way - especially when it comes to software usability :smiley:
Thanks for your dedication. VoxelShop is a great tool and essential in my modding works.


@flux I certainly will…Honestly, I find it as easy to use and pick up as GIMP. Keeping the tool light-weight and the controls fairly intuitive is a great approach. I am also super happy that I can both import existing items, and export them as new ones for quick turn around of entities. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


@cole3050 @8BitCrab @dutchuss2016 I’ve just released a new version V1.7.04 that adds a bunch of export settings for *.qb. Following the instructions should give you files that you can use in stone hearth (I managed to generate exactly the files that you posted). The release is currently only for the Java version as it is very time consuming to generate the native installers. Will release a native version once I get some more features into VoxelShop, so it’s worth it.

@BarbeQ Haven’t forgotten about the hotkeys. Still considering how to best deal with this…


Take your time. It does work with mouse control after all :smiley:
BTW: I really like your overlay tutorial - helped me a lot to get started


Just released 1.7.05 which moves the shortcuts to “global”. Had to do some improvements how colliding shortcuts are handles on program start… This should work nicely now, let me know!

Again, I will do a native release once I have more features in. I also recommend using the java version since it gets faster updates and also performs better!


Did you get the chance and try the new exporter? Does that work?


didn’t get a chance to download V1.7.04 earlier, but going to the website now to download V1.7.05, the download version’s still V1.7.01, is there somewhere else where the updates are being pushed? (or do i have the wrong website link?)


You need to use the Java version. That is the only way to always get the latest program version. I updated the native installers only occasionally.


oh whoops, somehow totally missed the bottom download :sweat_smile: thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I tested the new version and the keys work marvelous. And I have a feeling that the overal performance is better - or is this a sideffect from the java version (was using the win version before)? Anyway, great work :grinning:


Nice, that’s awesome!

Yeah, Java version performs better. Currently VoxelShop uses software rendering with multi threading. Once I change that to hardware rendering the native versions should perform better. However it’s quite a bit of work to get there and I’m not sure how important it is… :slight_smile:


Currently working on the wiki for VoxelShop. Would someone mind filling in some details here? GitHub - simlu/voxelshop: This is the official repositiory for VoxelShop

Much appreciated!


I can, it is easy, I could write it here, the whole process makes it easier for the importing/exporting explanation.

  1. Navigate to: stonehearth/mods/stonehearth.smod

  2. Rename .smod into a .zip extension

  3. Navigate to the .qb you wish to edit

  4. Use voxelshops import feature to access the qb

  5. edit or create to your hearts content

  6. export as a .qb file

5-6 is what you need, but the whole process makes it easier, I havent got a chance to appreciate VoxelShop fully yet, i have the latest, but have yet to use it fully… so I am a bit uneducated on tabs and locations of functions/tools. but if you would like to add these steps, here you go!


@Domino Thank you very much! I’d be especially interested to know what settings you use for *.qb when exporting from VoxelShop!


I have only ever used the default settings that show up(Use compression). I also tend to export a .png of the entity without the box-frame for further use in the game if necessasry for an icon.

Steps to export the png are the same as 5-6 above, but change the dropdown to “Render(.png)”