VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


One question about key controls. When moving a selected object, I am sometimes able to use the arrow keys and sometimes I am not. I have no idea why. Do I have to activate something? Am I missing an option?



Ah, funny that you mention it. Yeah that is a known bug that I haven’t really looked into yet. I’ve been annoyed by it myself and will try to push out a fix soon!


Uh, that was fast @flux! Danke! Discourse only allows for one like each post. Otherwise I would add 100 :grin:
VoxelShop is such a great tool and using keys can speed up things quite significantly. But don’t feel pressed now (like a key… you know… haha… ok… no more bad puns… I promise).


I believe the problem is that the hotkeys for moving the selection are frame bound to the main frame. So when you focused something else that is not the main frame, they won’t work (or have different functionality in case of the side views).

I’ve just released 1.7.02 (Java version only atm) which adds frame highlighting. If you can’t use the arrow keys when the main frame is selected that would be a bug (has reddish outline).

I’m also considering making the hotkeys globally available. But then we’d have to change some side view hotkeys around…


How about using some combined keys for certain operations? For example, whenever the [CTRL] key is down, all hotkeys are mapped to the main frame. Thus, other frames could still be controlled with quite similar keys.


Hey Im having an issue with armours exported from voxelshop, they seem to have bugged out in the recent update.


Pretty nice tool…just downloaded it today and find it pretty easy to grasp thus far, though I cannot say I am currently doing anything more then re-skinning files ans re-exporting for a small future mod.

Otherwise, I am digging it, pretty intuitive and fairly easy to grasp

Great work! :+1:


I can’t see anything wrong in that image. What’s the problem?


@BarbeQ I don’t think I want to overload hotkeys more (it’s technically challenging to do what you are suggesting and I don’t think it’s good design). I’m thinking to allow shortcuts being switched between “frame” and “global”. But have to decide how to best do that first. Easy solution might just be moving the “move” shortcuts to global and changing the arrow key mappings for the side views…

@cole3050 Sorry, I’m not even sure what the issue is in the screenshot… Do you mean it bugged out with the last VoxelShop or the last Stonehearth update? I don’t think I changed anything wrt to how the exporter is working. Did you by any chance change any export settings? Would you mind sending me a file that works and one that doesn’t? That way I can debug, otherwise it’s pretty hard for me.

@FlervaFlerv Thank you very much! I spend a lot of time creating VoxelShop and it’s great to get this feedback! Let me know if you are missing anything or have any questions!


So to explain, all my outfits that ive exported from voxelshop have broke in a19
femaleworker.qb (6.0 KB)
maleworker.qb (7.6 KB)
heres the 2 seen in the picture.


the sleeves/boots on the model are on the wrong sides (so right sleeve is on left arm, etc)

i’ve also had this problem in the past but could never find the cause, one day the model would work, the next day it wouldn’t… though i’m not certain what exactly is wrong, i think it’s something with the way voxelshop exports, as l got someone with qubicle to export the model for me and it didn’t have this problem. :confused:

that being said, i absolutely love the program! it’s been really helpful for all my modding endeavors, definitely excited to see what/if you add anything new to it!


@cole3050 @8BitCrab It would be great to have a working and not working version of the same model so I can compare… Any way you could get that for me?


Thats the issue, I dont have any that work anymore, these ones here worked fine in a18.
Female_Uniform.qb (6.0 KB)
Male_Uniform.qb (7.3 KB)
but now they dont seem to work.


@cole3050 Any qb models that work? Then we could import them into VoxelShop and export them and they should no longer work?


Oh I got the originals, I didnt understand what you had meant before.
FeMale Uniform.qb (154.0 KB)
Male Uniform.qb (154.0 KB)


All right, let me take a quick dive into these here.


What happens when you export the models as “uncompressed”? Does that still cause issues?


I never use the compression feature since its not recommended for stonehearth purposes.


Ok, then I actually have to dig into this more… It will take a while (don’t think I will get it done today). Thanks for posting the original files! Stay tuned


can this program export to qb for stonehearth yet