VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


What he said. Definitely what he said. I just use the basic settings


Interesting, and you never had issues with the basic settings? I added some options above b/c it appeared that the default settings did NOT do the job?! @FlervaFlerv @Domino @cole3050 @8BitCrab


I can say from the standpoint of just generating things, everything works as expected, though truthfully, I have not made the effort to get items in to the game, so I may end up needing to tweak some settings once I do, but I am sure someone else would be able to speak as to if it works with default settings or not.

Still getting my feet wet on all of this, but wish I was of more help on if defaults work for use in-game.


I export with all defaults except the “origin at zero”. If I un-check as asked for stonehearth, I had problems (can’t remember exactly what was happening at the time, but I never un-checked it again since the first error). Only checking it would work in the game.


I think I have to buy StoneHearth and test it myself…

Anyone interested in donating a copy?

Edit: Got one, thank you very much!


After looking at some files, it appears that there are different qb files. Some are centered and other are not.

I’ll see what I can do to make the editing easy for both of them.


can i just say, i’m amazed and very thankful at just how much you’re willing to do in order to make Voxelshop work for Stonehearth modding, it’s truly astounding.

keep up the amazing work mate :smile: :thumbsup:


One thing I miss here is a way to change color pallets. For example, I need to change all voxels with a red color to blue, the best way for now is to use the fill tool and click on all regions that is needed. But if the model is complex, or have different matrix you need to hunt the voxels to click, not all voxels are visible, some are inside others…

For this kinda job I was using the magicavox. There we have a color palete and we can simple change the whole color into another and the all the voxels with that color are updated. The problem is that software does not support multiple matrix. I was trying to change the wolf color and it is not possible there because it would merge all layers.

Another thing that would be cool to have is a way to select all voxels with the same color. Maybe a double click in a voxel and all voxels with the same color are selected.

I know this sound kinda demanding, sorry. Not my intention to rush you or anything.


You can already select all voxels of the same color. The shortcut is CTRL + SHIFT + W.
This will expand the selection to voxels of the selected color(s). Or if no voxels are selected it will use the currently selected color.

As for the palette I agree. Thinking to have toggle button that when enabled changes all voxels of a color when you update the palette information. Here is the task: Option to have Color Palette changes applied to the model · Issue #158 · simlu/voxelshop · GitHub


Oh! Thanks. Didn’t know. This will be already a big help.

That function was in one of those icons in the far right of the screen! I also see a “recolor selection”, which was basically what I needed. :smile:


There are lots of functions that not a lot of people know about… I’ll try to get started on video tutorials soon here!


Was just going to say something along these lines.

Might also want to consider fleshing out the “Help” option and have it available in the editor as opposed to a simpler overlay describing each section. While that is helpful, having a little more info to help you along as you get more comfortable with the tool could be useful.

I might be waaaaaaaay off here, and if I am, feel free to ignore me :slight_smile:


Actually a good point. I was thinking to make the help transparent, allow clicking everything as normal and only display the hovered element outline and help.

I’ve added a comment here: Enhance Help Overlay · Issue #61 · simlu/voxelshop · GitHub


Would certainly be helpful and more specific to the individual tools :slight_smile:


Hello, flux.
Idk if this feature is in the program, but u could create a “color save” like MagicaVoxel that u can create a pallete color and save it or like paint that u can save some colors.
Thx =)


It is in :wink:
That color pallet at the bottom has a button that extracts all colors that you selected from your model.
Select the entire model, than click on that button (sorry, forgot what it is called, just hover it and you will know from the tooltip) . All colors used in now appear there.

You can also remove or add colors there as you want.
I’m used to always erase all colors that I’m not using and just import all colors from the current object.


Yay, looks like I don’t have to buy Qubicle after all! I’m about to try it out :slight_smile:

EDIT: I tried it out and made a couple planter models (hint: I’m planning to make a planter mod). This is super good! My only suggestion is to add a rectangle tool so I don’t have to spend a whole minute making a big square.


Let us know how it goes!


Hold shift, click and drag.


how are ytou supposed to start this program? I dont see any .exe files or even an instalation folder.

what am I missing?