VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


Open the voxelshop-start.jar. You need to have java installed to this to work.



Thank you so much!


is there a way to setup the camera controls so they work like magicavoxel? or stonehearth’s camera?


Sadly, not yet. Maybe is at his to do list.


Yes, you can change them in the settings.


You can now. I’ve added this recently.


ooh, lovely.

How do I do this? do I need to modify a config file? I cant seem to find a “settings” menu while “Camera” is selected


(1) You basically don’t need the camera tool (except for convenience). Just use the ctrl key with any tool.
(2) You can change the mouse bindings, see screenshot


is there a way this can be set up with the middle mouse to drag the camera? This is the main thing that changes the default camera view form stonehearth.

Only if it was possible, this advice was amazing, I love this tool!


also, how can I enable the gridlines for voxels within the structure I am making?


You can’t, if I understand you correctly. You can enable camera trucking like magica voxel. Camera dragging doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you are on a map. May I ask why you want it? Can you change magica voxel to do camera “dragging”?

As for gridlines, I usually use shift to measure distances. Because of how optimizations are implemented, you can’t really enable gridlines. Outlines work however.


I would like to put a “how to export for stonehearth” thread together that I can link from voxelshop. I’m thinking to make it mainly about voxelshop, but we might want to include magica as well.

Anyone willing to help coordinate this?


I’ve never used VoxelShop (seems really cool though!); but for MagicaVoxel “all you got to do” is export as a .qb file, no?

Or are you thinking more in the lines of “do this with your model prior export, click this button to export, place your files here, write this code” (and so on)?


Voxelshop has a ton of options when exporting, not just different file formats.
The main difference between the two (for me) is that magica models are always into positive coordinates, while in voxelshop you can chose if you want it centralized (half into negatives, half into positives), which is (for me) much better, it makes positioning objects in the game way easier.


“Just works” is great, but my understanding is that some things unfortunately do not just work with the MagicaVoxel exporter. And then you have very limited options to fix it (e,g. multiple layers).

Goal here is to put a reference for people who are running into trouble.


I will just create a new thread to link to and to collect feedback there I think… Thanks for the starting point!


yes, essentially you can drag the camera around the area of the map.

Its very comfortable to use.

I would also very much like to see the internal grid of the items, it allows me to sere scale much better

Thanks for this awesome tool! :slight_smile:


I’ve started editing the first post in this thread with some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). I will link this thread from VoxelShop itself now and hope we can improve on the answers for those questions!

If someone who uses VoxelShop frequently could post here that would be much appreciated!

First questions are:

  • How do I modify *.qb files?
  • How do I create models (*.dae) for StoneHearth?

If you have references / links to related topics that would be much appreciated as well!


VoxelShop V1.8.19 is up Releases · simlu/voxelshop · GitHub


is there any way we could have the setting to simplyfy a few things?

For example, when the selection tools show up, instead of selcting the voxels like a grid, it selects what I think is a “mesh”

I am sorry if this is not what its supposed to be, I am just curious.

The main discouragement I have from using this tool are the lack of grid lines, and a few camera settings (is there a way of managing the camera as free range rather than oriented towards the center of the image? I would really like to be able to make the view “merge” into any of the 6 sides of the image simply by moving the screen and selecting an angle, and the camera would automatically snap, and have the option of going back into regualr 3d view (outside of orthogonal camera) by moving the camera in 3d again)

Thanks again for all your help