VoxelShop (Voxel-Editor)


I am getting a bar of screen that I cant put anything for some reason.

Like, when there are 2 windows on the screen it blocks anything from showign there.

How can I fix this? or how can I reset the settings?


Close the program and then there is a folder .voxelshop in your home folder that you can just delete.

Where that folder exactly is depends on your operating system.


I can’t see the whole option screen. I have a standard notebook, with a resolution 1366x768


Oh boy… Probably have to change the layout… Thanks for the feedback!


I have planned to change the renderer to use the gpu (VoxelShop is currently using software rendering). When that is done it should be easy to add grid lines in with a shader.

For the camera snap - Qubicle does this nicely. Again, ideally we would get rid of the three side views. When I initially designed this editor there wasn’t anything out there to copy from… Unfortunately this will require quite a bit of work.


Can you add an option to center the models? One of the most common tasks for me is importing models that have being positioned into positive coords only and recenter it. Oh, and an auto fit bounding box too!? Like, the bounding box is 20 20 20, but the models is just 9x9x9, then it shrinks the box to fit the model.


Sure, I have a few questions though. When you say “center”, does that mean center x and z axis but keep the y axis (up/down)? Or do you mean align the y axis with the bottom grid? And for the bounding box, do you mean set the dimension to the widest dimension and keep it always a cube or can the dimensions be different after centering, i.e. 10x8x4?


For my specific case, I only center it at the x and z coords. The bottom y of the model sits at 0.

The dimensions can be different in each axis, so a 10x8x4 model would have a bounding box of the same size.

Like from this:

to this:



errorlog.txt (10.0 KB)


Try deleting you config file in you home directory under “.voxelshop”. Does that fix it?


Yes! Thank you! :smiley:


How goes the development of Voxelshop? How is GPU rendering?

Is there a way to make the camera exactly as the one in Magicavoxel? is there an option for an internal gridline?

How can we select objects by voxel, rather than by polygon lines? (I want to select cubes, not the little lines that make the mesh)

I am sorry if What I am asking for is not what Voxelshop is meant to be.

If I could only have the basic “Camera and shape aditions” that magicavoxel has in VoxelShop, it would be perfect.

The BEST thing Voxelshop has over magicavoxel is excellent texture management, and AMAZING stonehearth support. If I could essentially have the “Controlls” from magica Voxel in Voxelshop, it would be perfect.

Its like someone who transitions from a gaming controller to a PC keyboard, you love what its all about, but you are confused by the controls.

Thanks again, and sorry if I am asking for what I should not.


Hello @blackflux,

I downloaded your latest version 1.8.18, but I can’t seem to find any .exe file to actually start the program, so how do I do that?

Thanks in advance.



You need to install Java first if you haven’t yet. Then you can start voxelshop by clicking the jar file.



Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get notified about your post for some reason. Best way is to post on github to get me notified immediately.

You can change the mouse keys. That’s all that can be customized for the camera at this point. The best you can do atm are gridlines as projected by the mouse or using the select tool lines. Proper grid line support can be implemented when gpu rendering is used.

Similar, this will be easy to do once GPU rendering is used. What is your use case here?

What do you mean by “Camera and shape addition”?

Thank you! That’s awesome that you like these parts about VoxelShop!

I’m hoping to spend some time on VoxelShop again beginning of next year. I have a list with small wins that I really want to do, but so many other side projects. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hallo, @blackflux
Let me ask u something. VoxelShop has a way to view the coordinates of a layer?

Cuz I want to create a stoneheart mob from the beginning and I wanted to know the coordinates of the piece or layer, in this case. Thanks :grin:


You should be able to hide all other layers and then hover the layer content to get its coordinates.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Maybe you can provide some more details with screenshots if appropriate


For example, do u know qubicle? So, when u select a layer, it shows the origin position of the layer at the lower-left (I saw it in a video).

On VoxelShop I just found, to know that location, when you hover with the “draw voxel”, but it shows the position of that specific voxel. I want to know if there is a way to know the position of the layer like a whole.
But it’s just a doubt :laughing: cuz if it haven’t I’ll work without it :yum:


So the origin within voxelshop is (0, 0). How that then gets translated depends on your export settings. So it’s really hard to display that in voxelshop.

Without knowing more details on how this works with qubicle and stonehearth, its really hard for me to understand how this could be improved.

Right now hovering the voxel position is the only way to learn about the layer positioning unfortunately.

Once you have a workflow could you detail it so we can see how that could be optimized?


Hi @blackflux! Welcome back!

I had a question too, is it possible to force matrices/layers be of certain dimensions? Right now, the dimensions are the max dimensions of the item inside the the matrix, which absolutely makes sense. But Stonehearth expects fixed matrix sizes for some things, e.g. limbs of a Hearthling. Is it possible to export it in such a way that even though a matrix might contain only a 2x2x2 cube, it will still be a 30x30x30 sized matrix, with the rest being empty space?