Village of Pinewood (Updated, Pinewood Keep)

Download Save:

This is my latest town I’ve put together using the current unstable build on Steam. My main goal was to stress the pathfinder as much as possible and to create a more realistic scenario that a player would find himself in. I don’t know if the devs test the game in this manner. It seems to me they don’t, based on the bugs I find and how things just don’t work often times.

In a typical game, a player would probably have multiple buildings with various floors, overhangs, lofts, false dormers, and balconies. This causes all sorts of problems with the current pathfinder and it was readily apparent that the pathfinder just simply can’t handle this level of stress without some serious lag. I summarize below.

I started by building the Townhall. This took a lot of tries and reloads before the hearthlings were able to complete it. I got to about the Carpenter’s shop before I realized the system just can’t handle construction of buildings like this. You end up with severe Lua slowdowns to the point the game becomes unplayable, or simply the hearthlings refuse to complete a building. The Inn would have been impossible for the hearthlings to complete.

Additionally, the hearthling’s construction speed is glacially slow. By the time the Inn was completed, I had finished the entire goblin campaign (defeated the goblin boss and the wolf packs). That was just three buildings; Townhall, Carpenter’s Shop, and Inn. Unfortunately I had to revert to various saves since the hearthlings just wouldn’t build the inn’s third story. I used the console command “ib” to finish building construction.

From that point forward I pretty much used ib for all buildings as it was impossible for the hearthlings to do them. Once the building was done, I then had the hearthlings do the staircases and install furnishings.

The village is still a work in progress. Missing are the walls, several more towers, shepard’s house, a few more houses, and a keep which will take a bit longer to make (will use all slabs).

More pictures:

Town Guide



Main street and food bazaar

Main Gate

Interiors: Note how complex the interiors can get. I’m sure others have more complicated ones, but I wanted to test pathfinding. Note how I built storehouses with various staircases and paths to the storage lots. Hearthlings take a while to “learn” them, but eventually they figure out where they are. All crates in the entire village are just decoration. I found out that crates are still severely bugged and cause all sorts of lua and pathfinder problems. I originally created a network of crates at each shop that contained each shop keeper’s resources. Workers would simply fill the crates based on shop requirement/type. That system worked for a two shops (the carpenter and the weaver) and eventually fell apart as I created additional shops (i.e. carpenter couldn’t find wood, which was in the crate). Do to these bugs and people not finding resources in crates, I made them all decorations by selecting “None” under contents.

Spawned enemies caused severe pathfinder slowdowns. I think this has to do with how the buildings are and the AI trying to find things to steal. Since a great majority of items are inside the buildings, the enemy pathfinder has to work extra hard to find how to get to them. For example, most of my valuables are inside the storehouses on the second or third floor. I notice that when the enemies spawn (undead or golbin mini-camp) the system hangs and lags until it resolves the pathfinding. Soon as this happens (I see the yellow on the status bar), I know that a goblin camp spawned (or undead if at night) and simply send my men-at-arms to dispatch them.

I think that the enemy pathfinder, or “item to steal” AI needs to be improved or changed in order to account for Storehouses, multi-story mills, basements, etcetera.

Regarding Stone Columns (under Stone Walls), would it be possible that you guys include those two colors shown in my pic? The two grey colors included in the Stone Column dialog, do not match the Stone Wall colors. I’d like to be able to color match the column to the stone wall so as to hide the column and make the wall look flush. If you notice all my towers have those dark lines on their edges. I would like to make the towers/fortifications/walls look natural as if the whole thing was stone rather than have different colored edges. I know I can do this by just making all my stone work out of Slabs, but there are some buildings (notice my mill and storehouses) that I would have liked to blend the columns into the stone wall as it would in real life.


Great job! You definitely are a fantastic builder! :smile:

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Looks great! Gave me an idea to my own village

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Looks really good! You made it climatic!

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Such a gorgeous village! :smiley:

@sdee, have you seen it? :smile:


Wow! Thanks for the awesome town and the save. You are absolutely right that we do not sufficiently test the pathfinder, and we appreciate giant saves and towns that do. :slight_smile:

Adding @not_owen_wilson, inspiration for your crushinator :slight_smile:


Pinewood is absolutely gorgeous. Even moreso in-game! Looking at it with the dollhouse building vision mode is just…remarkable. Watching all the lights turn on at dark, the firepit getting lit (omg, the indoor firepit!). Great attention to detail! This absolutely makes Stonehearth shine. Thank you so much for building it!

For a lark, I managed to get it running under the new pathfinder (save compatibility, oye! :tired_face:). The new pathfinder doesn’t even break a sweat. :grin:

That said…our scaffolding computation/updating needs some work, to be able to handle complex buildings such as these. I think that’s what I’m going to have to focus on for A12 (in addition to shepherding the subspace pathfinder to completion). Builds like this are what this game is supposed to be about (well, that and bonking goblins :slight_smile: ), so know that we won’t be resting until you can sit back and watch your city get built without resorting to hand-holding.

Inspiring, truly!


I’m jealous of how good your town is.
You deviant… How dare you inspire me to improve my effort in building!
Gonna go ahead and destroy my current town now because of you. Hope you’re proud of yourself.
I’m going to go make something fantastic. Let’s see how you like it!


@Helldiver , amazing build. I envy you :slight_smile:

@not_owen_wilson mentions about how gorgeous night time is in Pinewood. Can you please share with us some nighttime photos?

And my favorite is the mill. Is it functional? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see more ART from you!

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Pinewood Keep

Hey everyone!

I continued to work on Pinewood, this time expanding the south and east walls. I added crenulations and fortifications to the wall.

These walls are mixed media: lower portion was done with free standing walls (Hearthlings helped a bit) and the battlements were slab work.

Castle Proper

Pinewood Keep was built in stages. The central keep superstructure was built first at the site of the old goblin war camp creating a makeshift dirt bailey. Hearthlings helped, but when it was obvious it was going to take them too long, I had to hit ib which crashed my game with a bunch of script errors. I had to reload and restart numerous times mostly do to measuring/counting mistakes in my part to center it. Doors and bartizans had to be built and predicted ahead time. In other words, I had to do the doors and account for where the walks would meet the parapets.

Kind of sucks that in the end the throne didn’t center with the carpet, this is because chairs center between squares. Kind of important when centering the front door and such, although in the future I’ll do a different design that uses a foyer.

Once the central superstructure was completed I moved on to the parapets. I built the towers first and then the walls, and finally a second row of walls and towers behind the castle on the hill top.

Notes to devs

-Surrounding a village with a wall causes major pathfinding chokes, especially when enemies spawn. This gets more complicated when you build battlements on top of the walls and network them into towers with staircases (see save file)
-There are some mysterious errors with installing furniture/banners on very tall (more than 4 stories) structures. I can’t get the hearthlings to successfully install the banners on the castle without the whole thing stalling. They also leave stairs behind sometimes which I then use the destroy command to get rid of.
-It is very difficult to install furniture on structures with more than 2 stories. This is because it isn’t possible to hide the floor above it. Additionally the camera jams itself into the floor making it near impossible to place furniture. Dollhouse view should have a floor tool maybe kind of like the mining underground view thing?
-Hearthlings hold the two-handed sword like a 1-handed sword (although I’m sure that’s been reported), and he doesn’t lose his shield.
-Female hearthlings aren’t showing equipped weapons.
-Hearthlings build way to slow… It can take three to four game days to make a single building in my town (including slowdowns when building roofs), but to build a tower at the castle took quite possibly a week or more. I tested with one of the towers and it was just taking way too long.

I know it’s all about pacing, but I feel that erecting a single building takes way to long compared to the pacing of the content. As I said in the op, by my third building the goblin campaign was over. Now, erecting a castle takes nearly twice if not three times longer. :frowning:

Download Pinewood Keep:

The castle isn’t furnished yet, mostly because this save seems a little unstable for some odd reason. I may reload to a previous save and rebuild the castle. I also had a very hard time placing furniture inside the keep.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, and I’m glad the devs have been able to use these to test out the game further.

If a dev or someone repairs my saves or cleans them up, feel free to repost a link to them so I can download them and continue. Especially a save that uses the new pathfinder :smiley:


Wow, now it looks even better than before! Cool!

My two heroes, note how the one is holding the two handed sword like a one hander and he still has his shield.

Pinewood at Night

Alex the trapper exchanges stories with Freya of the city guard over a warm fire at the Inn.


First off, phenomenal work and even more phenomenal is your patience, lol. Great work and I have already been trying a few of your techniques with much appreciation. There is one, however, that I’m stuck on… How did you build in the water? If you dug it out, where are the seams? If not… Wth? Lol

Hrm… strange, I just used the slab tool. You mean getting the hearthlings to build the dock pilings? You’ll have to use the console command “ib” in order to get those done.

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Thank you @Helldiver for the night shots!

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We are looking for more scenes like Alex and Freya :slight_smile:

I have come to tell you your build might show up in the 100th stream! Just read up about it in the 100th stream ideas post!

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Awesome town man! Shame that your download links are broken.

Even if the links worked, this village was built in Alpha 10.5 or 11 (based off of the posting date), so you couldn’t load the save!

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Will be posting a new village soon (Alpha 14)


Tried starting an Alpha 14 village, unfortunately my house designs won’t build without spitting out errors. :frowning:

I always build the town hall first to test the engine’s ability at that point in time. Sadly, it seems Alpha 14 has more issues than before since I used to be able to at least Console IB this design without problems, but now it’s stuck with errors. The building finishes but every time I load a game I get the error prompt.

Posting the save game and building template in the other thread.

For Devs:
Save game and building template: (4.7 MB)

Please let me know if you guys would like a more basic version without the slab and foundation work. Keep in mind that the previous version (back in Alpha 11 or so) this building would still complete using the Console command IB.