Very necessary qualitiy of life features

  • work order priority (select area to give higher priority, select jobs to give higher priority) like in every other game (e.g. rimworld)

  • building template problem, if my carpenter is high level and produces fine wares most of the time, a template with none fine objects (windws etc) will never finish. Either just use whatever is in stock or possibility to tell crafter to produce low quallity? but faster maybe

  • Assign bed , currently there is no way i´m aware of to check if a bed is already assign and to whom

  • whats with the weird 2 block holes on the map? there should be an option to fill land with dirt/gras blocks

  • construction: its extremely frustrating to place objects in a building with several floors. you have to move the camera in and hope to not select a different floor. Option to show and work on only on a specific floor

-construction possibility to delete or change stuff in editor mode without deleting everything (e.g. i wanna change the base foundation after havong placed a second floor, currently i have to delete the whole building and start from scratch)

-information on how spacios pretty etc. a room is or what the needs are ect…

  1. yeah, thats not useful
  2. ok my building tempaltes dont get finished because they have basic furniture but my stockpiles only have fine wares, don´t know if thats confirmed tho (oh and what you are saying is, that a skilled carpenter doesn´t produce more fine wares than a level 0 carpenter?°) Ok i might be wrong on that one, might just take a long time for the carpenter to do his job
  3. yeah my beds don´t offer any information
  4. ah good to know, where does the game tell you about that?
  5. yeah and after you finish 2nd floor you want to change smth on 1st floor -> have fun or you wanna add something after construction is finished -> extremely frustrating
  6. my eraser tool can´t delete walls, dunno if yours can?
  7. and where exactly does the game offer that information?

If I’m allowed to comment on that:

  1. Workshop-like queues would be an idea, tho. For the start, a “High priority” marker (like in Banished) would be very helpful (maybe someone could make a mod for now?)

  2. The point is: “fine” and “normal” products are outcomes from the same thing, but can’t be used for the same thing. They have the same effects (maybe hearthlings are happier with fine products) but still, they aren’t similar. I would suggest making a fine-carpenter for example. He could craft forced fine products but for more time and (maybe) more resources

  3. Maybe you’re running on an old version but in my version, they have a button for that

  4. I dunno what holes you’re talking about. But the point is: we. need. a. terraforming. tool . We have the tunnelfunction and the feature for breaking single blocks. but we need a feature for PLACING single objects. The “grass color wood texture” mods aren’t very helpful at all

  5. (6.) Still, that’s not the point. [quote=“MaddyGrand, post:2, topic:30267”]
    There is this beautiful thing called the Eraser tool

We shouldn’t have any suggestions if you comment with that . We ask for new features to make life easier. If you want to comment with that then it would be the same as if you would have to build every house block by block. “Sure you can do this we don’t need a tool for this” would be your answer still, wouldn’t it be?

We want to edit things later on, that’s for sure. Yesterday, I had a worst-case scenario. I built a big hotel with all rooms and levels just to see (3 hours of work later) that I need one more block in width. So what did I do? Completely wasted the building and built it again. With one more block in width. It would be much easier if we just could “stretch” the foundation and/or walls. Sims has great building features like these, for example. But that’s really much work. I can understand that this isn’t the priority, but even the feature that you could delete walls with the eraser tool would just be a big advantage.

7 . A “checklist” for things like that would be nice, but it helps if you just read a wikipage for 5 minutes. That really should not be a priority for now.

Thank’s for understanding what I’m saying (hope you did). Sorry for my completely terrible english. I tried to write it as easy as I could



Hi @Gervasi :merry:

I agree with all your points and can gladly tell you that the developers is aware of all of them.
Many of them will be taken care of soon and other will have a lower priority.
The holes in the map are these i guess, right?:

Look forward to see more feedback from your end in the future!

I don’t think that these are… [quote=“Gervasi, post:1, topic:30267”]
the weird 2 block holes on the map


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Those holes in the ground (if they are what i presumed) i usually utilize them as small ponds, guiding water into them.
Here is an example from my town of Sheepdog:


When I have one near water I do that too! Else I make it into animal farms.


So we are talking about the claypits then ? May I suggest a few uses for these ugly creatures of code generation.

Start of the game

  • Settled near the pit ? put your first storage area’s in there as you won’t be building there soon.
  • Designate it as either of few things ( Swamp, Actual Mine, Marketplace, TownSquare and or Storage Facility )
  • Go on with your usual business.

After you get your base crafters and levels in characters.


  • Sapplings are put down whilst still dry
  • Low water ( 1 block/2 blocks max )
  • Decorate around

The rest is up to preference depending on your taste.

Do note that on average me and my friends find more clay in these pits than in any other spot. So if you really need clay :jubilant:

That is just a coincidence. The only difference is in the grass. Grass never drops clay, so if you only dig the surface, you get nothing.
(This is all biome dependent though, but the temperate and desert are like this)

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I do realize the grass part bruno, however a consistent difference of 10-20 pieces of clay especially in Temperate can change a great deal early on and thought I’d point it out. Feel free to test it out and get back on the topic.

Don’t worry, there is plenty of factors involved. Maybe it is easier for you to dig there, or because it is more accessible you end up digging it more, unlike other areas where you would delay such digging and end up with less resources when needed. Or like me, we only notice one area, giving the impression the other is not good. :stuck_out_tongue:
But the raw data is the same for both areas, the loot are per block mined, and all those colors are dirt, which have a 1% chance to drop clay. 3% in desert :slight_smile:


Oh i never knew the actual numbers, nice to know, thank you.

1.I think the team wants to avoid too much management, but I would like a way to at least prioritize a specific task.
2.Every time a fine object is crafted, it’s as a bonus item, and the regular version is still made. Hearthlings will use regular furniture that’s still in stock. Perhaps something else is causing your building to not be built? There’s a thread where you can report buildings that won’t build.
3.Yeah, I’d like for the description of a bed to change once it’s assigned, just to save the click into the assignment menu to check. There’s a couple of suggestions for that on the Discourse.
4.The team’s definitely been thinking about adding a way to place dirt and grass, but I don’t know if that will ever make it in.
5.Yeah, I’d really like a story view myself. The slice view used to work for this once, but it hasn’t done that for some time.
6.They’re planning on overhauling the building editor again eventually.
7.You can always search the Discourse for more information on this sort of thing. There will be a proper tutorial eventually, but I think they’re holding back on that until they’ve got more of the design set in stone.


Thanks for the great explanation. It’s good to know whether it’s luck or bias.

yeah, thanks for the thorough explanations, i hope that this is gonna be playable comfortably some time soon.

I think the game needs hearthling priorities. They could do something similar to rimworld which gives the option to rank in lieu of placing a checkmark next to the actions. If I knew how to post pictures I would show you an example…

I wish the devs for both rimworld and stonehearth would pay more attention to each other’s work there is a lot they could learn from one another.

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Being able to bookmark a slice and jump to it on command would be really helpful.


Better camera rotation angles. I want to be able to rotate the camera to see UNDER things.