Unlootable Red Items

It seems that there is a bug in the game. Whenever I kill a creature, monster, whatever it drops an item like usual. However, the item is highlighted red when the mouse is placed over it and cannot be looted. Now I have a buttload of these items all around my town and I cant use the clear command in the tool bar to clean it up. Please fix this in the next update if you can, or if anyone has a solution to the problem that would be great as well.

You have to use the loot tool now.

press shift-L for it
(maybe strg-L, not ingame at moment)

Or for those that don’t use key bindings.

Now if this isn’t a loot problem, if you could upload a copy of your save file, @Crew005, we could take a better look at it. Even just screenshots would help more.

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