Loot items not being correctly added to inventory

I use loot to make my units pick up all the wood faster. But when the units return the wood to the stock pile they only drop down one log. The log is not added to the inventory at all.

2310 x64

Steps to reproduce:
Make empty stock.
Check inventory should be 0.
Chop down tree.
Tell units to loot all items on the ground.
Check inventory again still 0.

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I guess this is due to another bug that says that the settlers only drop one item when they fill their loot inventory. :confused:

Plus the item not being added to the inventory count. Which I wasn’t aware of / didn’t remember.

Did you notice if looting another things that are supposed to be looted (not using the tool for picking up resources faster) does count for the inventory or not?

It happens with all items. I tired it with blueberries, cotton, pumpkins.
I was pretty much using this to expedite the gathering process till I found that it was having issues adding it to my stock.

ok the Loot button says to steal other peoples items not to mass collect things on ground (or did in 223 something

When looting, they can pick up 5 items at a time (I think) but since you’re looting your own stuff instead of someone else’s, I suspect the AI is screwing up and they’re keeping them in their “backpack”.

Best answer is not to use loot for that, it’s only intended to be used for stuff that you don’t already own, and presumably ill eventually be fixed so you can only use it for that, so I wouldn’t bother getting in the habit of doing it that way now (even if it was working fine, which it clearly isn’t).

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You’re not supposed to be able to use the loot tool on your own stuff, so until we fix that bug, my answers is “don’t do that.” =)


It makes gathering items so nice. My units take for ever!

given this response, let’s change this to a suggestions thread… :+1:

fair enough, done it again haven’t i… sorry @SteveAdamo :stuck_out_tongue:

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You cannot change this to a suggestion thread. It is a bug. There may be a suggestion task found because of this bug but it is not a suggestion. It is a bug that when items are looted they are not added to the inventory. This is also the same case for then you loot items from the goblin camp. they are not added to inventory.

yes, i will delete my previous post and make it as my own suggestion, sorry for hijakcing your thread @leetcat

ok, so either option of looting items (both the unintended, that will be removed, and the intended) doesn’t show up in your inventory… yes?

You are correct, both intended and unintended actions prove the same results.

oh i understan dnow…?you are saying, even though you used the loot feature to get your hearthlings to haul everything (even though they only took one thing at a time with the feature) even using it to loot the goblins they will only take one item each or something???

Also when the little gremlins steal from me I have to “loot” the items to get them back or my units just forget about those items. The problem still occurs I only get one item back.

This is a result of a change of ownership when the goblins steal your items. The goblin faction gains ownership of any items they steal.

I had a Caravan guy trade me for a Firepit, it sat around the flag for 3 game days, when I used the “loot” tool on it a worker picked it up then a piece of wood (which was laying a few steps away) and the fireplace never made it to the stockpile. he still wandering around with it in his pocket I guess.

recent build 206 (x64)

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The units are actually horders. It will be incorporated into lore. You will have to build a prison to put klepto units. I think this is where stonehearth should have a smooth integration into prison architect.

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Here is another instanct of the bug. When I tell the units to move something after “looting/stealing (from me)” that item they cannot move something because their inventory is already full. It actually created a deadlock and the units just froze in place.

They were tring to move the fence but couldn’t because the item in their pocket came out…

Title: Resource Deletion

Summary: after defeating the chief goblin, anytime any hearthling tries to pick up any type of resource, it deletes said resource, and then he tries to pick up another. My life flashes before my eyes as I witness the monster I have created: dozens of men trying their hardest to destroy my past few hours of time-wasting. I save and restart. They continue to eat away everything. Like lotus. Save me. Please.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. kill the chief goblin leader and obliterate their camp
  2. bug ensues

Expected Results:

  1. You are the devs. You tell me.

Actual Results:

  1. My hearthlings “ate” all of the resources.


  1. They also have a hard time even finding resources that are a bit of a distance away and elevated in a mine-shaft.


Versions and Mods:
Alpha 9
No mods

System Information:
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
AMD dual core
6 GB memory
integrated graphics