[Dup] [9.256] (How) does "looting" work?

Hello again…

I do loot my dropped berrys alot, to get them really fast into storage before the first Daily Update comes (my first new hearthling must be a quicky!).

I just saw a weird thing:
Worker goes to berry bushes, 6 baskets of berries on the ground, he moves from basket to basket, takes it into hands and it disappears, he does 6 times, runs back to the storage (with empty hands), drops one basket, moves to the other berry bushes, he picked up one, deleted it, runs back to storage (with empty hands) and drops two baskets of berrys.
Now walks back to the rest of the baskets with a basket of berries in his hands and tries to pick up another one, cancels his actions, moves back to the storage and “releases” the saved four baskets which magically disappeared in the first run…

Might be a good thing for us “alpha-testers” to see the “inventory” of our hearthlings to see what goes wrong in this circumstances.

A9.256x64, my worker was Trapper in the profession but he was idling


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