BUG: Berry Drop, Whenever a new harvest-Gather command is issued

BUG: Berry Drop, Workers drop berries when being issued a new Harvest/Gather command.

Issue a harvest command to harvest berries, workers go to harvest berries, Issue new harvest command (example; Trees) workers drop the berries and leave them where they were when the second harvest command was issued.

I expected workers to finish the original Gathering of the berries and to be taken to the nearest valid stockpile.

Workers instead drop the berries, possibly due to a priority string?

Alpha 10, No Mods. Release-293 (x64)

Windows 7
Intel i5 2500 @3.30GHz
16.0GB Dual Channel DDR3 668MHz
2048MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (Sapphire)

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firstly, welcome to the discourse :smile:

secondly, do they finish harvesting the berries? or do they just stop mid harvest and go chop trees?

I don’t think this is really a bug so much as a matter of priority.

Bringing things to a stockpile is below everything in priority. So if you give them another task that has a higher priority (and every single other task is higher), they will go and do that instead. However I do feel it is a flaw in design (not a bug, per se) that they will immediately drop whatever they are doing and go do the new, higher priority task. I think they should finish their current task then go do the new task. I feel the same way about eating and sleeping. It shouldn’t interrupt absolutely everything under the sun. Finish the immediate thing you’re working on then go do the new, higher priority thing.



They stop harvesting and also, they don’t return to the berries they drop after finishing harvesting tree’s.
I have to use the “Loot” command to have them go pick them up and they sometimes don’t respond to that either.

Hope this helps ^^

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even after they have put the logs in the stockpiles?

Yeah, they will just leave the baskets out unless they get hungry, i think they treat them as already stockpiled

if they dont put them away even when they have nothing else to do, im guessing its a bug not just prioritization. unless you got them to do something else after/while they collected the logs. (like building, mining, etc.)

yeah, i would assume its something thats not intended because it leads to my hearthlings going out at night and getting killed because they refused to gather the berries over anything else

I think that the harvest commands are issued before they carry anything to stockpiles.
You mean that they are killed because they go to pick the baskets when they have finished absolutely everything else?

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