[Con] Bug Report. Workers prioritize new orders

When giving a new order. A worker who is already asigned a order is changing to the new one. Instead of finishing the current order. And a other worker goes finishing that order.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Give orders (cutting trees, harvesting berries etc)
  2. Give more new orders

Expected Results:
unassigned workers go do the new orders.

Actual Results:
Closest worker (I think it chooses closest) cancelled current order and will take the new order


They will spoil food because of this. Which is bad for hygiene.

Carpenter during promotion takes a last-minute decision to feel the woodchopping duty just one more time.

Versions and Mods:
Alpha release 34, mods are unrelated. Does it in vanilla too.

So, could this be the reason behind this?
Edit: That explains why one worker went to pick berries, but then stood there and another went to pick the basket and bring it to the stockpile. I thought they were tired or something xD and didn’t want to do several chained tasks. But making a worker who is far away, go to pick the basket when the worker who picked the berries is the nearest… There’s something wrong :confused:
Must be something related to the new AI.

ya, probably. I did not pay attention if they were getting new food or some other duty.

seems likely… let’s mark this one [Con]…