[NaB] Workers Stop Doing Current Job When Promoted

Name: Workers Stop Doing Current Job When Assigned To Do Something Else

Severity: Minor

Summary: I was playing Stonehearth and I assigned one of my settlers to become a Carpenter , but he was already carrying a block of wood from a Oak Tree. As soon as I assigned the job to him, he dropped the block of wood and ran over to the Carpenter Bench to be promoted.

I don’t know if this bug was reported before, but it would be nice if the bug were removed in the next update or so

I’m not quite sure that’s a bug… seems like the specific task of being a carpenter is higher priority than the general carrying-about of resources, but I could be wrong.

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I imagine this would be the case, carpenters priority is probably carpentry rather than hauling items.

Gonna mark this one as not a bug for now, unless someone from Radiant venture in and inform us that this is actually a bug. I also edited the title as the original could be taken to mean things like “told a worker to harvest berries and he instantly stopped cutting a tree” or something to that effect.

I suppose there might be a desire for a unit to finish their current task before promoting … but … swings and roundabouts.