[NaB] Carpenter promotion bug

Whenever I try and promote a carpenter, the game spawns like 17 more carpenter saws, and a huge bug list pops up

hmm… I have a feeling I’ve seen this one before… can anyone else confirm?

I haven’t encountered this bug myself. But IIRC from other threads, it occurs after a hearthling somehow dies, drops his/her talisman and then trying to promote anyone else through that talisman.

If that’s the case for you @Communistpenguin, then it’s already been posted, otherwise we have a new kind of bug here (I think).

Nope, It first happened when i started a new game and tried to promote a carpenter, and its happening in an older save where i had a carpenter, but had demoted him to worker, then tried to repromote him later. In that save I havent accepted any new people and no one has died.


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nm, I figured it out, It was a mod I installed improperly, or the mod was bad.

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no worries… thanks for the follow-up! :+1: