[Con] Promotion Icon for Carpenter Remains After Promotion


I'm guessing this has already been brought up, however I could not find a post on it. Basically the promotion icon for the carpenter (when clicking on the saw) does not disappear after someone is promoted.


During the beginning of the game I click the the saw then select the icon to promote a carpenter. I choose a person and promote them. If I don’t click anything else the Icon remains where at this point I can click it again and attempt to promote someone else. Once I try an error message pops up and the person does not get promoted. This can be repeated over and over again and each time I start the game.

Steps to Reproduce

1- Click on the saw
2- Click on the promote icon
3- Promote someone and do not click anything/one else
4- Now select the promote button and attempt to promote someone else
The error should now appear

Expected Results

The person would get promoted and then the icon would disappear and have the new carpenter selected instead.


Stonehearth 0.1.0 (Release 42)

System Information

Windows 7 64 Bit Intel i7 4820K 8GB memory AMD HD 6970

I have a screenshot of the error if needed, however I wasn’t allowed to attach it yet.


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thanks for the report @Aknaroth, and welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to post a link to your screenshot (hosted), and i can embed it for you…

After choosing another settler as carpenter, because the icon still appears, these errors pop up:

I think this error is kind of important ^^U
Even if it is a matter of reloading an doesn’t crash anything…

While this bug is most obvious with the carpenter, I believe its scope is larger. You simply never lose selection after a game entity is consumed, like placing a bed or using the saw.


can confirm this one as well… the icon remains, and error prompt appears…

Here is the screenshot I have, clicked on the one message which brought up more info it looks like.

I attempted it several times in this screenshot

Thanks for the welcome Steve!