[NLA] Can't Promote Settler to Carpenter

Unfortunately, I started up the game, tried to promote a settler to Carpenter, and got to the promotion banner, but, upon trying to click the “approve” button, no stamp came up! I couldn’t promote my carpenter.

Screenshots: Brace yourselves, screenshots incoming! (Not really, couldn’t reproduce issue.)

EDIT: Well, apparently it works now. I have no idea what the issue was the first time, but oh well. Feel free to close this thread!

EDIT2: Might as well fill it in.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. ???

  2. Click carpenter’s saw.

  3. Attempt to promote someone.

Info: Keep in mind that I have Windows 8, so it may be exclusive to that!

Processor: Intel i7 3630-QM

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 750M

Version: Alpha 4 Release 99 v0.1.0

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we’ll close this for now… but if you can reproduce, just fire off a new report (or PM @Geoffers747 or myself)… thanks!