Work Stoppages, and Resource Prioritizing

Hey everyone! Just played a tiny bit of SH in my office, and found a few bugs! Here’s the first one.

So it seems some of the workers still keep on stopping from gathering stuff periodically. Here we have a picture of the setup that was going on. Nothing outside of gathering was made to happen, with all the starting workers:

Items are as follows: 1) is a large-ish area from where I cut down some wood, and had the workers gather them. 2) Is a bunch of bushes, which were gathered, but the resources were left behind. 3) is about 6 bushes, all of which, except 3 were gathered. Rather, the workers chose to eat the berries, and not bring them back.

In order I started the gathering of bushes first at area 2 and 3. Because of the queued up second set of bushes, the first one was fully ignored. You can barely make it out from there, but the berry baskets are still there, and I have an inkling that they won’t get to them at all. 3 was not touched again after the eating, so they’ll most likely stay there. There’s something wrong with the berry gathering, or resource gathering, when assigning more work. Can’t say why the workers ignored the berries that I wanted them to get (before the wood I might add), but I thought that queueing up some wood gathering might have gotten them to get the berries as well. This didn’t happen.

Lastly, even with all of this gathering assigned, the workers will still at random (after dropping off some wood), just stop and do nothing. They’ll eventually get back at gathering, but the stoppages are a nuisance. Maybe there’s still some kinks that need ironing out in the gathering, and prioritizing of them. Some suggestions:

Maybe have a “Gather” button that I can do to force gathering of some straggling resources? That’d make addressing this somewhat easier, given the workers have “forgotten” about some resources around the map.

hi @Delvon… are all three bugs referenced in this post, or did you intend on creating new reports for the other issues? (apologies, i havent read the entire report, as im stuck on a less than adequate device for that)…

All of them were pretty much a part of the same bug, just different locations! :slight_smile: