Looting your own storage

looting your own storage
I killed a goblin on top of my storage.He dropped a gold ingot!I wanted it badly I used the loot
tool and selected my whole storage area.They moved everything and it highlighted everything in that storage area.They moved it to the same storage area.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. just use the loot tool to highlight your own storage loot

Expected Results:
grab my gold ingot
Actual Results:
grabed everything and moved it around my storage area
I encountered this by mistake.I don’t feel they should be allowed to move it around in the same storage area.I wouldn’t have complained if they moved it to another storage area.It makes no sense to me so its a bug imo.

Versions and Mods:
System Information:

I’m not the dev but I’d suspect that the reason they move everything around the stockpile is simply because when you told them to loot it the AI is told to move the object to the nearest stockpile.
This happens to be the stockpile they’re standing on. However, the AI is also told that the spot in the stockpile there is full so they have to take it to another spot in the same stockpile.

The only way I personally could think of that they could fix it is if they were to stop you from being able to loot items in stockpiles but then when they implement MP will we able to loot other’s stockpiles if we fight them? (presuming that it would be possible now)

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Good point there on the multiplayer.
I forgot that could be a function.Maybe turn it off for just your own piles.Its a small issue for me.I
just encountered it and reported it just to make sure its covered.

set one make a storge box and a storgehouse templet that has the boxes in them.
step two build storge house or place the boxes
step three remove the tempary stockpile
set four watch the harthlings move all items in the boxes then loot gold

Yes,I know about that I do it myself.My issue is around the fact they are allowed to even move those items in there own storage.It would make the UI more user friendly.Only a real OCD freak would move stuff around or maybe a hoarder.Defend it all you want.It is a real flaw and can easily be fixed.
btw I’m glad to see someone else that makes typos besides me. :microscope:

Ok, I fixed it so that you don’t loot items that are already in your own storage. Thanks!


You Folks are awesome thank you very much! :heart_eyes:

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