The Nation Guilds of Stonehearth

So when the MMO-ish kinda gameplay comes in and giant servers come into play i assume that a lot of people are going to band into guilds/alliances and probably a lot of them are going to be based on nationality so I would like to see where each one of you comes from!I would like to know if there are any other Romanians here so we can band together!
Now seriously it would be nice to see how varied the Stonehearth is.

So I am from Romania(if couldn’t tell by the RO in my name)

NO,we do not spend our weekends fighting vampires and werewolfs.

YES,our country is kinda full of gypsies but they are NOT ROMANIAN.They come from north India while Romanians are a mix of Romans and “barbarians”.

NO,we are not all poor.

YES,we have lots of awesome giant castles.

YES,we are an awesome country full with rich history and cool landscapes.

And our capital is BUCHAREST not BUDAPEST. :heart:

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hi there @Creep_Ro1… so, this is the standard “where are you from” type thread, and not a discussion on multiplayer SH, correct? :smiley:

as for me, i’m in lovely Houston TX (USA)… on a related note, you can get a good idea of the varying membership we have in the Community Translations thread

Thanks for telling me!:slight_smile:
I assumed there could be an other post like that but i wanted to create one anyways.
And unfortunately it appears as I am the only Romanian(that joined translation).
Ah anyway there could be more that just aren’t in the translation team so I believe this post has its place.
And yes it is kinda a “Where are you from thread” but it could also be about MP.
My idea of MP SH is that there would be large servers with lots of people so it could matter.

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As everyone knows, I am Irish and I will locate my FAQ here for those americans that keep asking me stupid questions:

Do I speak Garlic?
No, I speak english

Are you always drunk?
No, Ill occasionally have a glass of cider from time to time though

Do you live in a wagon?
No I live in a house

Are you obsessed with potatoes?
Potatoes are listed among my favourite foods

Are you a leprechaun?

More questions may be added


I don’t speak “Garlic” either :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you carry a shillalah? (I’m joking of course)

I’m from NJ, USA.

I don’t fist pump.

I don’t gel my hair into spikes.

I don’t fake tan.

I’m not of Italian descent.

No, we’re not all from the damned shore.


Alberta, Canada here…

Yes, I do say “eh” alot
We do spell colour with the "u"
I don’t play hockey b/c I just can’t skate, but I do love watching it
I don’t live in an igloo
It is getting cold here but we don’t have snow year-round

ok, i love the direction this has taken, so i’m adding a supplemental “themed” response as well… :smile:

Houston, TX USA

yes, i live on a cattle ranch

yes, it is actually 415 degrees during the summer

yes, i ride a horse to work (who doesnt?)

yes, we eat cornbread and pinto beans with every meal

yes, i have been branded


Australia here

no i don’t fight droppbears daily although their numbers are on the rise again :wink: jks

Its not called a shrimp its a prawn get it right and its not the only thing we cook on the barbecue actually why would you waste a prawn on the barbecue when you could have it chilled with some awesome sauce, we also cook steak and other things on the barbecue, but i guess i can’t deny the fact that we love barbecues :stuck_out_tongue:

no i don’t wear thongs and singlets all day eveyday i mean come on some of us have class in australia (although in the rural towns where i come from yes there are lots of pub living singlet and thongs wearing bogans around)

and no i don’t drink all day and fosters beer sucks so please just don’t even go there.


Hello There, posting as I always do from East Texas

No, I don’t own a Ten Gallon Hat, I own a Fedora
No, I don’t ride a horse to school, I do have a truck though
I have never said “yeehaw” a day in my life, I scream “FUDGE” instead
My friend next to me said we had yolo gangster swag for lulz
I don’t enjoy Mexican or Barbaque, I can take a piece of Quesadea, but that’s it

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America’s heart and soul, Georgia, speaking here!

No, we don’t all say “y’all”, although about 99.999999% of us do. : P
Yes, I do like sweet tea and barbecue.
Yes, I do like college football (the good kind, not that soccer stuff).
We experience weather slightly cooler that of Houston, at approximately 412 degrees (Fahrenheit, mind you) around August.
Yes, “Southern Hospitality” is a real thing.
And yes, most of us do say “mama”, instead of “mom”.

Finally, maybe most importantly, we are the well-mannered, respectful, “yessir, yes ma’am” types that we are portrayed as (at least as far as I know).


Irish hospitality is even more renowned as long as were not drunk (although usually we get you drunk too)


I’m from sunny average Liverpool, England.

No, we don’t talk posh over here. In fact, most accents are anything but (and if you want a laugh, find a ‘scouse’ accent on YouTube or something, it’s what I live surrounded by and although it’s not how I speak, it sure is funny). Only a tiny bit of the country speak how American TV portrays it.

No, I don’t like tea.

No, I don’t have afternoon tea either, I don’t know anyone who does?

No, we don’t have bad teeth (where did that even come from? everyone I know currently wears (or doesn’t need to, like me) braces and brush their teeth, such an odd stereotype)

Yes, we do wash.

And seriously, who likes queuing? People seem to make out we like it, just because we do it well. We’re fair, not weird :stuck_out_tongue:


im from Asia more specifically from Philippines

since i’m not familiar with how you guys from outside look at us feel free to ask me if your curious ^^

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The Philippines sounds like somewhere in America, but what part of asia is the philippines because if you live close to Japan I want to know whether the only thing on Tv is Animes there

The Philippines is kinda inbetween japan, Taiwan, and Australia…if not a little bit more east of that general area

PH is in South East Asia if you know where Singapore or Malaysia is we are near them & have the almost the same time frame as those countries

and sadly no most of the population here in PH mostly think of anime as children’s show (the adult population that is not so much for the teens who have experienced the “internet”)

O-HI-O here, one of the most populated states in the U.S.A.!!!

Do you have a Deutsche ancestry? YES!!!

Do you celebrate Oktoberfest? YES!!!

Do you LOVE snow? YES!!!

Do you know where pretzels come from? YES!!!

Final question where did Johann Gutenberg live and what did he invent? He was a German inventor who lived in Mainz and made the printing press.

(the man, the myth, the legend!, Johann Gutenberg!) :smile:

P.S. @AuraFort do you guys celebrate Oktoberfest?

P.S.S. @Newf , Germans are better drinkers we have a holiday for it!!! :wink:

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P.S.S.S. What year did he live? HMMMMM???!??!??

And my family actually came into the country through a little town named Philadelphia way back when. It was because they were teh Germans way back when. At least on my Grandad’s side; on my Grandmother’s side, they were practically all English.

Wagga Wagga NSW Australia

already had an aussie give a bit of of perspective, so yeah… what he said

(i’ll probably edit this later and add stuff)