Stonehearth Communities: Poland

I found some topics there about national communities (German, Thai etc). So I think I’ll create a topic about polish community. :smile: Maybe I found some more players from Poland? Who knows.

Witajcie, droga Społeczności!
Szukaliście może miejsca, gdzie można porozmawiać na temat Stonehearth w rodzimym języku? Cóż - to już nie problem!

Tutaj spotkasz się z innymi miłośnikami Stonehearth z Polski. Pamiętaj - czekamy na Ciebie.

english translation
Hello, dear Community!
Are you searching for a place, where you may talk about Stonehearth in polish? Well - it’s not a problem anymore!

Here you may meet some more Stonehearth fans from Poland. Remember - we’re waiting for you.


Good luck with your Polish community-page! Unfortunately my skills in Polish are not good enough to bring you any additional value :wink:.

excellent! the stonehearth family continues to grow… :smiley:

we now account for .000000000183% of the interwebz… but we are sooo much “awesomer” than those Yanni fansites (who, incidentally, only make up .000000000027%)…

take that Yanni fans!

but seriously, i wish you the best of luck with your site… :+1:


This is so inspiring that you’ve made a community for your country I might make a danish community :smile:

I am not first. There are for example communities in Germany or Thailand… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh but your the first one I’ve found when i have an account

Good work! :thumbsup:

I like kielbasi and perogis. Polish people make wicked good food and I’ve only ever met polite polish people here in the states. Best of luck to growing your community!


I like Polish people a lot because they are very supportive and very polite.

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Heh, I started thinking about Kielbasa giveaway xD


After some explanations and negotiations, the sites and have been fused. :smile:

New address:

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and question to staff ( @sdee ? I dunno who maintains the homepage)

At the ‘Community’ site is still the old link to the polish community website. Could it be changed to instead?

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Paging @Tom, since I don’t have that account login.

Edit: Should be updated now. Thanks Tom!

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username: admin
password: KingThomasOfStormhold

problem solved… :smile: