The Kingdom of Havarti (Work in Progress)

The Kingdom of Havarti is a small kingdom hidden high up in the skylands of this world.

Travelled there, by a geomancer’s powered sky ship, it docked on a single island and slowly spread over to colonize these unknown lands.

This kingdom is still very much a work in progress, and also the focus of my latest StoneHearth series on YouTube. Though all in all it is starting to look really cool together, I thought I’d make a little thread about it to share it :smiley:

The Ship
Work in Progress
Though I don’t have a lot of images of the ship, this ship is still very much a work in progress. Little by little it is starting to look more and more like the ship I imagined, as to the point I am now, I am adding lot’s and lot’s of details on the deck.

The First Island
Work in Progress
The first island is the first island colonized by Havarti. Though currently it’s mainly a tavern and two warehouses, eventually I want to make this a bit more dense with (probably) more warehouses to fill it up nicely.

The Bridges
Work in Progress
The bridges are what brings all the islands together. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get around.
Currently, only one bridge has been finished, but two are already in the making :smiley:

Farm Island
Farm island is one of the main sources of food for Havarti. Existing out of two different levels, the lower level is a giant farm, and the upper level is a little trapping ground for the trapper!


The Commercial Island
This little island, also dubbed the Hub a lot, is a central island that will connect to basically everything. It has every shop or crafter on it, except for the engineer and Geomancer, as I have other plans for those.

This bit took me way too long to build, honestly I spend over 30 hours designing it, and then having my hearthlings build it, but I’m quite happy with the result :smiley:



Holy hells! That’s amazing! Great work!

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I haven’t looked at Skylands yet, how hard is it to get your hearthlings to actually build bridges to connect spaces?

It’s very hard, since they won’t actually be able to build those bridges. In order to build, the hearthlings require land underneath it, so anything that’s ‘floating’ is created using the insta-build command, so that would be the bridges and the ship (But then again, imagine the work hazards for those poor hearthlings as they have to build directly above a void with no safety gear)

I’m sure they could fabricate something, our hearthlings are ingenious little guys XD I might have to look into Skylands eventually. This and the other guy I saw a few weeks ago have piqued my interest.

EDIT: This guy! Transform sky island You and him both have a gift.

Little Update on how things are going.
This Commercial island… it’s… it’s big xD


I can’t seem to be able to build bridges (the whole thing just goes red)

Yeah, that’s because you’re building above a void in this map, so your hearthlings won’t be able to reach the blocks, since they can’t build scaffolding up to there.

What I do is that I just keep on designing my buildings, and the bridges and other things that are to be build (partly) above that void, I insta-build using the ‘ib’ command. It’s cheating, but it works wonders

So, after a small 30 hours of designing and building, I finally finished this island.

General overview of the night. I love the chimneys with the smoke, it looks so cool.



That looks amazing!

What mod do you use to get chimney smoke?

Judging from the density of the smoke, that might just be my nordlingmod @wraith

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Yup, I’m using his single block fireplace and then make a small fireplace in the house directly below the chimney.

It’s bloody magical


Looks amazing, I’m loving it so far, i’m going to sit down and watch your youtube series tonight too while im at work.

Added another bridge, and this one was a bit tricky as the place the bridge was supposed to go to was on a much higher elevation… Luckily I found a way to deal with that :smiley:

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Interesting, I’d probably just build a tower at the lower island and connect the bridge with its top.
Now imagine climbing these stairs in mid-air…

Also, glad to see LostEms assets used. I thought the cobblestone windows are ugly but these screenshots made me doubt it.

So, after some busy days at work I finally got around building again.

This time, we’re working on the Raven Cathedral, where the long-lasting heroine of the StoneHearth series on my channe, Raven Burleyhands, l will be burried.

Now, this build is still far from done, but I thought I’d show some of the progress made up till now.


I love how much depth there seems to be even when you’re only using about three layers on the outside…unless the walls are super thick for more details on the inside for some reason? I feel like the only reason I don’t worry much about the interior is that I can’t really see inside buildings from a Hearthlings perspective.

The walls currently are 3 blocks thick (so the darker outer patterns, the main wall, and then the ‘glass’ blocks behind it.

On the inside I am going to add another main wall and some patters to make the inside look cool as well… or at least try to


Absolutely stunning.

Now onto having the damned thing build… This is going to take a while…

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