A Dwarven Kingdom (Stoneden in progress)

Front of the Mountain

Inside the Mountain, 1st level. Grand Hall and Kings room with extention to the kings living are will be farther in, need to finish the mining on it.

The Dinning Hall.

THis is in progress, lvl 2 will be military, and church, and Market.
lvl 3 will be the huge Smithing area with lava pots, water pot and anvils. where al the gold comes from.
gonna take awhile.
Do have pic of progress as time goes on just didnt want to clutter the page :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this. It seems very well thought out.
Any plans on carving out a giant antechamber? I feel like this could use one.

It’s there part of the entry way, ill show it on the next set of pics, when i have the big room done

Grand Hall and Throne Room done, took all day :stuck_out_tongue:

One more hallway to do, with Kings Personal Soldiers quarter, and the Kings Bedroom. Then onto 2nd lower lvl of market, Church, and the actual barracks and Armory, and more personal bedrooms, to hold more hearths, (right now at 20, upping to 50). After that lvl is the Huge Smithing area on the 3rd floor down, then just gonna mine from that point as deep as they can go. Maybe add in some ancient ruins in the ground that the kingdom finds idk :slight_smile:

A look at Grand Hall, yes I made hanging chandeliers

The Kings Throne Room, along with Knights Table

Over all Pic of First level, on the right is all crafters and herblist, on the left lower is the bedrooms, and above left is the dinning and cooks area where hearthling gather to be merry

Farms outside along with clay farm on left


I love the grand hall; and I wish there was a hearthlings’ eye view option so we could see its grandeur first-hand. Tilting the camera down to the right angle and then zooming all the way in can sometimes work… but most of the time, it clips into the floor or ceiling and you get a weird perspective where the walls are Z-fighting with the furniture LOL!

My own attempts to build a Hobbit hole style house ended with an awkward, difficult-to-view room after I made the mistake of trying to add a ceiling (after all, who wants bare earth above their heads constantly?) Digging into the stone is obviously a much better option for Dwarves; but I wish we could turn floor visibility on and off per-floor; or have higher floors/ceilings not show up in slice-through mode (obviously the ones below the slice still show up)… it just doesn’t feel like a proper underground home if the ceiling is bare rock or dirt.

Anyway, very impressive build as always, and as always I’m eager to see where you take it :smiley:


As request an hearthling’s view of the build so far. I need more light as the fires dont give enough sadly :frowning:

Outside Front

Grand Hall

Sleeping Quarters Hallways

Dinning Hallway

Crafters Hallway

Cook’s Kitchen

Dinning Hall

Throne Room

Clay mine/farm


great build micro details are great :slight_smile: But I think you should dig deeper rooms! to make it look even more grand!

For the Grand Hall, I recommend placing some additional clay lanterns the the columns. The red light they give off seems like it would work really well in there.

Not much done, but had a little time, so decided to plan out phase 2 (lvl2) of the Dwarven Kingdom. Alos finished the first lvl, with the Kings room, his personal guard room

Full view of Kings room and Personal Room

Yes detailed the room with wall mirror and big closet and a canopy bed

Planned Phase 2. The Barracks, The Dwarven Church, Market area, more bedrooms, and another stairs leading to Smithery.


Awesome. I love the four-poster bed. That is extravagant.


well done, great creativity! Love the bed and the mirror :slight_smile:

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This reminds me of starting as a dwarf in "Dragon Age: Origins

Thanks for a nostalgic little trip my friend

Still alive, just some tibits though,

Have the second floor dug out, took a bit, (planning on third floor after this is done)
Also designed a few inner builds for it (Church, and Barracks ) and have the hallway done. With a entryway to dirt mine and outside world.




Sorry its taking a bit, gotta find free time :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks spectacular. I always struggled a bit with underground areas as my hearthlings like get stuck on top of the wall inset.

Do you encounter this bug also?

Keep up the good work, I look forward to the finished result.

2nd floor is done, this thing is making my loads take forever


Small tunnel leading to dirt mins to the right.

Another Hallway that will lead to a small town by the lake. also dug out the Huge BS area and more stone/mineral mines down there,

Gonna try and build custom pushing mine carts if i can :stuck_out_tongue: