Stoneden (Dwarven Stronghold)

Wow, okay i remember someone suggest i try underground building. Mining is tedious lol,

But the start

Got bed rooms built with planned expansion.

The Stock Vault room is in progress, need to get this place cleaned up


Storage done, working on Dinning Hall

Dinning Hall, w/ fireplace. Gonna add kitchen to it.

Overview of Top, Main section will be the Grand Hall, leading to the kings room and other expansion. the rest will go down. to Dwarven Shops, and below that to Blacksmither’s and the Metal Vault

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Close up of the bedroom hall, kinda cinematic.


Wow, that’s just awesome!

Although I’ve never played dwarf fortress, I can tell the bedrooms echo of that game… anyway. Although this is the gajillionith underground build I’ve seen, it’s, to say the least, shaping up nicely.

Dinning Hall, Kitchen


Working the Grand Hall, Throne, and beginning of Gold Vault


Grand Hall done, sections inter connected, and Gold Vault built


Designing the Dwarven Blacksmithing/Mine


Great googly-moogly. I feel so unqualified to be building things in this game now lol. Fantastic work as always! I always look forward to checking out these projects :smile:


Seconding this!

Looks awesome like all your builds dude!

Stoneden can not be done, due to fact, that i can not edit, add, or remove/erase on my build. (Bug) tried it all, save and reloads, and tried erasing and save and reload, it wont let me add anything lol. oh well moving on to Raven’s Loft


Wow I haven’t seen this thread since the first post, It all looks so epic, I wouldn’t mind living there! I especially love the fireplace and the floor designs, Sad that it got destroyed, I’ll have to look out for Raven’s Loft now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reaally cool buildings…

Question: there is a kind of reflection in the lava of the central canal of your smelting room. How do you get this effect?

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Absolutely incredible interiors, but how does it look from the outside?

A Dwarven stronghold must be intimidating enough to scare off beasts, goblins, and the occasional determined Noble. Least, that’s what Dwarf Fortress taught me anyway.

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@micheal_handy76_mh, bump for my question 3 days ago! :sweat_smile:

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Oh lol sorry, it not built so what ur seeing is the ghosting of the blueprint. I would build it, but the game is bugged and wont let me add, erase, delete (even destroy in console) the blueprint, and i do not have an option to build it, it’s weird i e-mailed a save to Albert

nothing outside (except door, had ideas what it would look like), didnt get to it, till game breaking bug

Arf indeed… That was too nice to be true! :wink:

And THATS why this game will rock! the players just make amazing stuff and content…

i was just searching about dwarves cause wanted to make a thread on random encounters in mountains and found this amazing post!

gg micheal

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