The Church Of Plenty (Monks!)

Building Type:
Designate a building (When this is an option) as a Church of Plenty. Villagers can come here to listen to a sermon, or to just go and pray to the Plenty about their needs and desires.

  • Happiness Buff on attending services. This buff should increase the more cool stuff you add to the church.
  • New idle option when a villager isn’t busy, they can visit the church and pray.
  • Awesome new sign option! :stuck_out_tongue:

New Unit Type:
Order of The Church of Plenty

  • Monks that don the Robes of Plenty have dedicated themselves to people and to the Church.
  • Monks will talk to villagers, providing them a small happiness buff as they wander around your village, hold sermons, care for the wounded…
  • Monks also have the ability to fight in unarmed combat.
  • For looks… i’d say either Hoods for all… or bald head for dudes and ponytails for the ladies.

New Items:
The Robes Of Plenty: Designates the Villager as a Monk

Claws of Plenty: Weapons that upgrade your monks Melee Attacks.

Since i’ve been seeing my little villagers giving praise to Church of Plenty and such… i thought this might be a fun little addition.


I like this idea. Perhaps the monk could double up as a brewer as well?

Turnip wine and mead for the masses!


I think a brewer will probably have it’s own class… but i love the idea! At the very least you could stick a brewery in the church and do it that way, i’d think. :smile:

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Perhaps you have to have a certain town score and overall happiness to have a “Church of Plenty”. (Because it would be a bit odd to have a Church of Plenty when your villagers are starving or sleeping on the ground)


@Silas, I’m glad you find the villagers’ comments so inspiring!

@Froggy, so like this? :smile:
When I visited, the whole courtyard and most of the interior smelled like hops.

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I did! It made me smile to see these comments.

Also… I guess this would be a wonderful area to put the “Spirit” characteristic to use.



Turnip wine for everyone!

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I like the idea but I do like the sound of a temple over a church. It is a bit more ambiguous, and lends itself to a fantasy genre.

Temple does have a nice ring to it for sure.

I’d be happy with either. I just think i specifically remember the villagers saying the word “Church”

Could be wrong though, it was late.

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for some reason the idea of having monks who make alcohol/wine is very amusing to me.


Friar Tuck! The most epic brewmaster of all time!


Now I want this in game:

Complete with Eugene Pallette as Friar Tuck:

Loved that movie as a kid :smiley: .

On a more serious note, monasteries were (are? We Brits got rid of all ours :stuck_out_tongue: ) well known for producing various foods and drinks. Not quite the same as a church/temple, but maybe it can provide some happiness / wealth buffs if you’re willing to staff it.


Probably a little too off track but I wouldn’t mind seeing these institutions give buffs sort of like religions so in the civilization games. As the workers accept the faith the bonuses get more complex…

Say something like establishing the temple gives all followers 5% extra happiness and then extra things as more followers dedicate themselves to that faith… 10 followers: additional 5% happiness, 20 followers: workers go 10% faster… and so on.

Or we could go full out AoE and Monks can convert goblins! :smiley:

I could see the convert thing maybe being like… you capture a goblin and put it in jail… the monks go talk to them, goblins convert… BAM.

Goblin Monks.

How cool would that be?

The more I think about it the more I like this idea. I’m now thinking about different types of monks… they could be tiers which would benefit different types of civilizations.

Passive Civs would have peaceful monks which could give something like a bonus to workers

Aggressive Civs would have warrior monks which would fight on the front lines and give warriors a buff.


This idea could go many ways.

Really enjoy the idea of a Monk class! :smiley:

I was thinking of something just like this, maybe the monk class would have limited melee combat abilities, but would provide buffs to nearby unit. Alternatively, you could go for a more passive role and provide the happiness and productivity bonuses that have been mentioned…

I know I’m just re-hashing what everyone’s saying, but a Monk class could be IDEAL for this game, no matter what kind of player is in control :smiley:

@SteveAdamo , weigh in on this you beautiful thing, you think the wonderful Team Radiant would be down for this?


you know how to pull me into a conversation, don’t you! :blush:

we’ve had a fair number of related threads, all skirting around the idea of religion and the associated pros and cons that come with its inclusion:

we’ve also had a good number of discussions on class suggestions:

as for the monk suggestion specifically… i too really like the idea of the class (and its association with a constructed building first, although this obviously differs from the existing mechanic)… i think the unit, his benefits to the settlement, and the items that can be crafted to support it, all fit well with the existing SH framework… :+1:

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Just been trying out the iOS version of Godus (don’t bother BTW, it’s one massive timer-based pile of rubbish) and saw that summary…

Stonehearth: God Sim mod anyone :smiley: ?

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Well, i loved the original Black & White to death… so Why the heck not? Sounds great!

wait is stonehearth not a god sim kinda game?..