Villager Activities

Most of the time players will want the majority of the towns people to be working: be it collecting materials or building something. However for the sake of the towns happiness to attract new villagers it may be an idea to have activities idle villagers can do.

Be it the carpenter makes boomerangs or a cricket/baseball bat for the villagers to play with

This could give them time off from work and increase the towns happiness rating

Also some villagers may prefer reading or Other activities.

What do u guys think and what other things could villagers do instead of idling all the time


That sounds like a good idea.

If i wer a traveler looking for a village, i wouldn’t want to join a town that works All Day Long, and I wouldn’t be happy in such a town either

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can sitting in birdbaths be one of the activities


Make the old bug a feature trick

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that would be fun, having the possibility to make books/scrolls and them making a library for them all to be stored in :smile: it would also be cool if they added a librarian.

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Board games for them to play would be cool.

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I like the idea of the villagers with high spirit attending a church, monastery, evil death temple of some sort in their spare time. They can go sit at a little pew or read from the pulpit… etc.


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Maybe playing with the plush rabbits… It doesn’t HAVE to be just for children. :wink:


A weaver could craft string which could be combined with a carpenters YoYo shell to create a Yoyo :D… come to think of it might be an easy first mod experiment for me to try out. (not promising anything hehe)


I want my villagers to make a computer to play stonehearth


Music, (lutes, panpipes, or even a type of bagpipe, I would love to make a pub (with brewed ale) and have my Hearthlings having a good old knees up.